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  1. Soul Sacrifice - NA & EU May 1st!

    #525372013-04-08 12:14:57 *Xyopq said:

    Soul Sacrifice Logo

    For those of you that haven't heard of this game yet, it's an action role playing game for the Vita that looks a little like Monster Hunter. You attack using magic originating from your demonic arm and once you defeat an enemy, you can either sacrifice or save them to gain attack, or defence and HP respectively.

    When an ally is defeated, you can also either save or sacrifice them which will either recover their HP at the cost of your own, or kill them and unleash a devastating Magic attack. If they are killed, they won't receive any experience or loot, but can still help in the fight by lowering enemy defence and raising attack of allies.

    Check out the trailer, which doesn't show a lot of gameplay till the end but is quite pretty cool:

    Here are a couple of video's explaining the basic controls and spells:

    In Japan, they have released a smexy Vita bundle, featuring a limited edition Soul Sacrifice console. No word on a US or EU release:

  2. #526232013-04-09 08:45:19jkripper123 said:

    I would sacrifice all of my teammates to devastate my opponents then take the winnings for myself. But then again everyone else would do the exact same thing I guess

  3. #537062013-04-20 00:47:51 *Noodle said:

    Loving the demo so far. Haven't finished it yet since I'm farming spells :3

    Also, Europe.

    Does SS play out in a Post Apocalyptic world?

  4. #537272013-04-20 12:18:02Xyopq said:

    @Noodle I think it's more of an alternative medieval period. Magueus Japanese name translates to Merlin XD

    Finished off Cerberus last night once I got some decent online players that didn't die every 20 seconds ^_^

  5. #606072013-07-09 09:41:47 *Ecstasy said:

    Finished the game with 90% trophies and 40/60 character a while ago. Totally enjoyed it. Can even call it my favorite PS Vita game by far.

    SS does have its drawbacks. The combat can get rather repetitive and the locations are all "flat-arena" style. Also while there are good bosses, some of them just repeat the same pattern, only change the element they are using and there are not many types of minor monsters. Still I've found most of the fights enjoyable because I like the combat mechanics.

    The plot was well-developed imo, I liked the characters and the whole feeling of listing the pages was satisfying, still didn't read all the lore, but I'm seriously considering it. The choice of the abilities was really good too.

    And they are continuing to release more free content for single/multiplayer which is also really nice.

    DLC's so far (EU releases):
    - Hour of Harlequin - adds “Dwarf” and “Ogre” bosses. plus Berserk Black Rite.
    - "Headless Knight and Starved Citizenry" DLC (Dullahan and Behemoth)
    - The Wild Wheels and Apparition pack - new bosses Ouroboros and Wraith, another eight missions and Angelus Black Rite.

    So gonna wait for more.

  6. #617922013-07-29 16:31:23 *Ecstasy said:

    Soul Sacrifice update 1.20:

    Solo Campaign Updates:
    • New Fellow Sorcerer Chapter (Heretic Saviour) - finished it just now, a good one.

    Multiplayer Updates:
    • You can now check players ‘Magic and Life level” from the online room list
    • Online room names can be longer
    • You may now change an online room’s settings from within the room itself
    • You will now receive a notification when you become the host in a new room
    • You may now check the pacts page from within an Online room, even if you are not the host
    • You may now check other players’ details even after readying for a quest
    • Added more quickly selectable phrases to use in chat during quests
    • The chat display will now open automatically when a joint cast spell or an area healing spell is initiated
    • In quest functionality: During quests, a compass will now display the general direction of enemies, allies, and archfiends
    • You can now skip the animation that plays at the start of a quest by tapping the screen • When a joint cast spell or an area healing spell is initiated, all players will be notified with an icon

    Portraiture Changes:
    • The “select offerings” menu layout has been changed
    • A warning message will now appear when consuming boosted offerings in the “fuse offerings” menu
    • You may now check offering rewards, in addition to the pact title and monster name, from the list of phantom quests. use the triangle button to toggle the info

    • ”Sanctuarium” has been added as an entry in “history and myth”

    • The version of the game can now be seen on the title menu
    • Other minor changes have been implemented

    Bug Fixes:
    • Other minor bugs have been fixed

  7. #633422013-09-06 07:55:22 *Ecstasy said:

    Marvelous AQL and Japan Studio's action-role playing game Soul Sacrifice is adding eight quests and two new bosses to its downloadable content selection, SCEA producer Kumi Yuasa announced via the PlayStation Blog.

    The free DLC can be unlocked by accessing Mad Chronicle, followed by Inside Avalaon, Avalon Pacts, Forgotten Pact and Hour of Cypress. Players can face off against Cat Sith, whose lore tells of a young boy envious of a kitten, and Beelzebub, a prideful aristocrat who fell deathly ill.

    Players will be able to access the new content following the PlayStation Store update, though progress to a certain point is required.

    More DLC is expected this month and next. Soul Sacrifice players can pick up The Cobbler Triplets and the Old Master Aug. 20, while The Iron Lady's Tears of Red and The Fall of the Gods will be available Sept. 3 and Sept. 17, respectively.

  8. #682152014-01-10 16:57:50 *Ecstasy said:

    Old news are old, but I feel like updating this thread.

    Soul Sacrifice Delta Announced for PS Vita coming exclusively the PlayStation Vita in March 2014. Yep, they are making it a series.

    Final Soul Sacrifice Update Out - 1.30 adds 16 new quests

    Soul Sacrifice Will Be Free For PlayStation Plus

    Also there was yet another bunch of free DLC in the store:
    The Cobbler Triplets and the Old Master (Incubus and Beelzebub bosses)
    Additional Quest: The Iron Lady's Tears of Red (Iron Maiden boss)
    Additional Pact: The Fall of the Gods (Druid God and Romalus God bosses)

  9. #683932014-01-12 13:04:35Xyopq said:

    Hmm, might have to dust off my copy and have a few games. I'm hoping the new SS makes the game a little less repetitive , looking forward to it though.