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Parent: Persona Arcana!

  1. #525632013-04-08 18:38:55InsaneBoredGame said:

    Dude, some advice.Add stuff and make your threads prettiful:

    {Insert an image of one the Persona games. Go with Persona 2: Innocent Sin to sound pretentious and distract us from the fact that the quiz is shit. And that the quiz maker seems to only have passing knowledge on Persona 3 and 4}

    {Get rid of the stuff about the self-introduction. We're casual as fuck here}

    Found this on the internets(hyperlink the quiz url here). {Describe Persona briefly. Games and history and shit}

    {Describe the tarot arcana. Go on about Carl Jung's symbolism. Tie this back to Persona game mechanics}

    {Insert your last paragraph and forget about the thanks again}

    {Insert a poll on whether a user would be interested in a Persona rp. Make all answers ridiculously snarky.}

    And tada! Quality thread.