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  1. #525712013-04-08 21:55:46 *Noodle said:

    You Scored as XVI: The Tower

    If badly aspected this can be the worst card of the Tarot deck. The Tower always indicates upheavel, possibly chaos, loss and destruction. Its effects are never pleasant and can be painful. The card illustrates lightning striking the Tower. The lightning cannot be avoided, the destruction it brings is inevitable. All we can do is attempt to survive and rebuild. The Tower brings sudden, severe change. When the Tower appears in a Tarot spread it represents sudden and possibly violent change, disruption or loss.

    XVI: TheTower 88%
    VIII - Strength 88%
    XIII: Death 75%
    0 - The Fool 75%
    II - The High Priestess 69%
    IV - The Emperor 69%
    VI: The Lovers 63%
    XIX: TheSun 63%
    I - Magician 63%
    XV: The Devil 56%
    III - The Empress 50%
    XI: Justice 50%
    X- Wheel of Fortune 38%

    The Tower: Severe losses.
    Strenght: The power to endure.
    Death: End of a cycle, start of a new one.
    The Fool: The void from which all things begin.

    This fits me quite good actually.