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  1. Marvel Unlimited

    #526812013-04-09 18:35:26InsaneBoredGame said:

    http://www.vibe.com/sites/vibe.com/files/styles/main_image/public/article_images/Marvel-Unlimited.jpg Ever thought about getting into comic books, but realized you have decades of continuity to catch up on? Realized that this is a really expensive hobby? Are you already a fan but dishearted about all of the continuity and it's price?

    Fortunately, Marvel gets you. They really do.

    Last month, they announced a subscription based system to their Marvel Unlimited digital comic archives. For $10 USD a month or $60 USD a year, you can access their whole archive of comics to releases from six months ago on your computer, ios, or android device. Think of it as the Netflix for Marvel Comics.

    So go ahead! Read about your favorite heroes; read about your favorite teams. Binge read them and get a headache about continuity errors, retcons, and characterization~

  2. #526832013-04-09 18:39:22 *DarkChaplain said:

    That's actually REALLY nice. It's been a royal pain in the ass just trying to read up on a specific character or sub-series, with your usual torrent sites etc offering rather incomplete collections, if you can find anything at all.

    So for comic enthusiasts, this is probably the way to go, if the site(?) is doing a good job making the archive accessible enough for people to search through and read stuff.

    Now, the most important question: How complete is it really? Is it really everything or still "growing"?

    Too bad its Credit Card only, otherwise I might have given it a shot.

  3. #526842013-04-09 18:46:34 *InsaneBoredGame said:

    @DarkChaplain Both. Currently, they have everything from the beginning to six months ago. They just add more every week as the timeframe of "six months ago" keeps shifting. Marvel makes lots of money selling individual comics separately, so everything was already on their servers by the time they announced it.

    Also tagging @ponta here cause of reasons.