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  1. 3 movies that will make you think.

    #527822013-04-10 18:15:14 *Kirn said:

    In an effort to improve the site a bit, I decided to revive one of my previous threads. Now, that thread was deleted before along with all my posts - an effort of previous admins. Those bastards. Anyways, I didn't have it saved, so I'll have to write all this again and it will turn out differently, but the meaning would stay the same, so there.

    Now, most of you know that I take it upon myself to post here some documentaries here that I watch. This thread will be similar to that being a movie recommendation thread, but the movies I will tell you about are not documentaries. They are, well, just movies. What they have in common is that they are highly entertaining, will make you think about important things and they all are staged like theater plays. The stages are very simple, and all three movies are pretty much about people in a single room talking and interacting with each other.

    Now, don't get bored right away. Those are no action-movies, but in a way they are many times more intense. So, let's get started. As in my previous thread, I will go from the oldest one to the newest.

    12 angry men (1957)

    Okay, I gotta admin, the trailer is old and doesn't tell much. However, the movie is good. It is about murder trial and 12 people on the jury, who have to decide is the young kid from the slums is a murder after being presented with all the evidence. The vote must be unanimous, and if they decide he is guilty, he will be executed. Now, 11 of them are sure that the kid is guilty, but the one has doubts, and during the movie he will try to change the opinion of others both by clever argument and by looking at the evidence much closer.

    Originally, this is a radio-play broadcasted in 1954. Then it was adapted for TV. I can tell you right now that there are 2 remakes of this movie - one is made in USA again in 1997 and the other one was Russian made in 2007. Both are downright horrible and can't compare even closely to the original. The movie itself is very intense, with the kid's life hanging on the decision of people, some of whom aren't really all that interested in the trial. And you can imagine how angry can 12 people get when they are locked in a small room in an argument where noone wants to yield. The characters are great - during the movie you never learn the name of those 12 jurors, but you will know their personalities, what they care about in life and even their jobs, so at the end every one of them will be memorable.

    In my opinion, this is a movie about people. How different they can be. And, naturally, this is a great movie about arguing )

    The Big Kahuna (1999)

    Okay, this one is much newer, in color and with less people. This movie was adapted from the play Hospitality Suite. I haven't seen the play, but the movie, as it is with all of them here, follow the common rules. Here we have 3 marketing representatives on a business trip. They set up a hospitality suite where they hope to make a deal with a director of a major factory. However, not only they fail to find him, but the youngest member of their team is making their work really difficult...

    I gotta say, that I am a big fan of Kevin Spacey and Danny DeVito, and I got this movie because of them. The third guy I didn't know, and never saw him outside this movie. And I gotta say, not only the other two outshine him, the structure of a movie is such that the younger guy is being antagonized. In my opinion, the true wisdom of watching this is to be able to at least pity him. But I am getting way ahead here. The movie is interesting even if there's really not much going on. There are times when those guys talk business, and when they are not - they mainly just talk about whatever seems like a good topic. But as the time goes and they become more weary, their themes become much more serious and even philosophical in a way. Also, fair warning - there's bad language in there.

    In my opinion, first of all, this is a movie about friendship. How it really should be. And it is also about honesty - with others and with yourself.

    The Sunset Limited (2011)

    The most recent movie, and we are down to 2 people - the bare minimum you need to have for a conversation. The movie is made from the play by the same name. The characters here are never named - they are known only as Black and White. You can guess which is which. Now, they are in Black's apartment because Black stopped White from jumping under the Sunset Limited train and brought him there. Now, White sees nothing good in life and wants to end it, but Black wants to stop him through religion.

    Again, the actors here are noticeable. Even more so. Samuel L. Jackson and Tommy Lee Jones are real heavyweights of movies. Both are extremely great actors and in this movie it is a perfect even match. And the argument there is weird but fairly matched. On one side you got an intellectual who, through logical reasoning, decided that life is full of suffering and he has no interest in it. So he wants to end it. On the other hand we got more simple but passionate guy who got into religion after hearing God speak to him. Now he just can't allow the guy to commit suicide because that would ruin his soul forever. Who is right here? And, more importantly, who will be more convincing? Again, he whole movie is just two guys sitting in one room talking to each other. Just that. And you will never get bored. Also, again, there are bad words in this one. You have been warned.

    This movie, I think, is about faith and about beliefs. Which, as you will find out, are different things.

    So, these are the 3 movies that will make it thing about stuff if you watch them. And I do urge you to watch them. The actors are great, the stories are interesting and you will be properly entertained.

  2. #528382013-04-11 04:13:14 *Cenica said:

    I have never watched any of these and think I've only heard of the second one. They seem pretty awesome though and I think I want to check them out now. Also black and white movies is awesome.

    Edit: I had to look up Peter Facinelli cuz the name sounded familiar. The dude plays in all the twilight movies. -_______- Man has earned no respect. He's also played in Riding in Cars with Boys. Can't say I'm too fond of that movie either.

  3. #528502013-04-11 12:18:34Kirn said:

    @9mm is this movie similar to any of the ones I mentioned? No? You are even less coherent that that fucktard Gargron who came on my last thread talking about some movie that was similar to these, but never providing any information.

    Now... with that out of the way...

    @Kirito-kun well, the correct answer would be something like 'Amazon'... or maybe 'your nearest DVD-store'... but honestly, I just use torrents and pirate my movies from thepiratebay, and that's where I got these ones too. Btw, if you didn't watch any of those yet, I'd recommend you to start from the second one - I think it's easiest to get into this whole thing. And if you like it, you can check out the other two.

    @Cenica since you like black and white movies, then you should start from the first and go with the order I posted them in ). Also, that explains why I didn't know the guy... though, I ckecked, and he played in 'Scorpion King', but I totally do not remember him there... Well, no matter. I can tell you, here he seems to fit the role he is playing and he interacts well enough with the other two.

  4. #528562013-04-11 15:17:31 *9mm said:

    Life moves forward. But for Benjamin Button, the time flows backwards, but he is forced to move forward with his life. The movie allows you to walk in Benjamin's shoes and you end up thinking your life isn't so different or something along that line.

    The movie is quite long and it does require patients. But the presentation is so beautiful and I never found it boring.

    I dunno, I am not very good at explaining with words, that is why I draw.

  5. #528612013-04-11 16:31:55Kirito-kun said:

    @Kirn Thanks im downloading The Big Kahuna right now looking forward to watching it. Also i prefer the incorrect answer, who wants to pay for stuff if you can find it for free :p

  6. #529302013-04-12 13:25:01Kirn said:

    Well, that's the whole point there, isn't it... The jurors are picked at random, from a general population. Just people, uninterested, overeager and at times, yes, very angry. People are fun.

  7. #529562013-04-13 01:20:01InsaneBoredGame said:

    But they're jurors! They are supposed to sit down, look at the arguments from both sides, and make a decision. They aren't supposed to argue points or stuff like that, that's for the lawyers. IIf the defense sucks, it sucks.

  8. #529652013-04-13 07:31:49Kirn said:

    Well, yes, it is true. But jurors are not professionals. That's part of the job description. And if you remember the movie, the evidence spoke against the kid. There even were witnesses that swore they saw him. So jurors were pretty much sure, that the case if very simple one. And only one had an opinion that clashed with others, brought down that great big argument and led to finally examining the evidence in great detail like that. All that happened was very... human, really.

  9. #529792013-04-13 12:02:51InsaneBoredGame said:

    And would get the Juror replaced before you could count to twelve. The first time he voted against was to fuck shit up. They woulda gotten another guy, and boom, end movie.

  10. #532622013-04-16 16:13:02Ion-ZedRURU said:

    My movies top 3 that triggered an emotion strong enough to make me think about this and that is following:

    • "15: The Movie"

    • "Bara no Soretsu"

    • "Velvet Goldmine"

  11. #578702013-06-07 05:32:36MrKitty said:

    never saw thos movies but I think Ill check out the second and third, definitely the third two movies that I liked which were like trick movies fooling you at the end was Shutter Island totally loved the ending, and thou this movie isn't that good still fun to watch is My Soul to Take. Shutter Island is a must see the ending maybe wont be a surprise for the real quick ones but still so shocking sad ending thou {;(

  12. #578762013-06-07 07:07:00 *johan_5179 said:

    "What they have in common is that they are highly entertaining, will make you think about important things and they all are staged like theater plays. The stages are very simple, and all three movies are pretty much about people in a single room talking and interacting with each other."- @Kirn

    This stipulation brings the number of movies down to two for me. Because movies like 2001-A space odyssey, Benjamin Button etc. are sprawling epics which make you think AND marvel at their sheer size, scope and beauty. So here are the two movies I can think about right now.

    1) Death and the Maiden (1994) - Roman Polanski. Starring Ben Kingsley, Sigourney Weaver

    The movie has been adapted from a play of the same name by Ariel Dorfman.

    Paulina Escobar (Weaver) is a housewife married to a prominent lawyer in an unnamed South American country. One day a storm forces her husband Gerardo (Wilson) to ride home with a charming stranger. She is convinced that the stranger, Dr. Miranda (Kingsley), was part of the old fascist regime and that he tortured and raped her for weeks while she was blindfolded. Paulina takes him captive to determine the truth. Despite attempts by both her husband and Miranda to convince her that he is innocent, Paulina is certain that he is the one, and forces her husband to be Miranda's "attorney" in the "trial" she arranges for him.

    The music does justice to the theme. Death and the Maiden is the name of Schubert's String Quartet No14. and is everything the movie stands for.

    Also for all those horror movie fans who believe blood and gore are creepy, I dare you I double dare you to watch this video without being creeped out of your skin. SPOILER.

    Makes you wonder what brainwashed Kingsley into taking the shitty roles he takes now-a-days.

    2) Hard Candy (2005) - David Slade. Starring - Ellen Page (I used to sneer at people with celebrity crushes before I met my Goddess) , Patrick Wilson.

    Hard Candy is a 2005 thriller film focusing on the mental/physical torture of a 32-year-old suspected pedophile/torturer/murderer by a 14-year-old vigilante, Hayley Stark, portrayed by Ellen Page. Is she right in doing what she does? Is anyone? Does she have problems of her own? Isn't she just a psycho who found a good excuse to just channel her chit? Does Jeff deserve this? And most important, Is he even what she says he is? Again, it is impossible to not be creeped out by Page's career making performance. When I saw her in Juno I was impressed, after Hard Candy, she is No1 on my list of greatest actors. Move over Meryl Streep.

    SPOILER (or not)

    Now that I look at it, the movies are very similar. But to add to the twist, the endings are pretty different. (Psst.. I prefer Hard Candy. I saw that movie 49 times, I kid you not.)


    Third movie found.

    Carnage(2011) Roman Polanski - Starring Christoph Waltz, Kate Winslet, Jodie Foster, John C. Reilly is a comedy movie which fits into the category going by the form, and it has a few thought provoking scenes.

  13. #578792013-06-07 07:14:53johan_5179 said:

    Bah... I really need to learn that spoiler image/text thingy. Anybody care to help me out ???

    P.S. @Kirn 12 Angry Men has had one more remake, in Hindi. Which makes no fucking sense because we do not even have a jury system. Ek Ruka Hua Faisla (1986)