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  1. Voice actors/actresses wanted for a short animation I am making

    #528842013-04-11 19:59:22 *One said: I am making a short animation for a final project for school but I need voice actors.

    1 female voice - Character is a girl

    1 male voice - Character is a robot If you offer your voice talent for this film you will be credited in full at the credits and I will also draw you any chibi character of your choice as my way of saying thanks.

    I have less than a week to do this so I need the voices recorded in mp3 format before Saturday, April 13. If you have a mic you are set.

    The film is less than a minute so the lines are short. Most of the lines is from the female lead, and one sentence from a male voice.

    If there is more than one submission for the roles I will decide which one to pick.

    Here is the animatic. The lines are in there. Female is black subs and male is red subs. The story and a lot of other stuff needs improvement but I'm running out of time to make any more changes so please don't be too harsh to critique it. This video can't be longer than a minute so don't say the lines too slow.

    You can upload the lines on deposit files or some other file sharing site and send me the links in this thread or PM it to me.

    Thanks guys, you are all awesome.

    PS. I can sneak some kind of an easter egg in this film like the CL logo somewhere in the film but it depends entirely on how much time I have. If anyone gots suggestions suggest it. 40+ people will be viewing it so has to to PG, no bad words.

  2. #528962013-04-11 20:47:36Noodle said:

    When is the deadline? The only way for me to record a (good quality) audition is to travel across the country to my friends appartment where we do all of our recordings. It may take about a month until I go there the next time.

  3. #529072013-04-11 22:32:41Kirn said:

    Sharing sites for music? Why would you need that? Just make a recording and put the file on mediafire.

    If you don't know how to record your voice - then go download audacity. That's a good program that is easy enough to use.

  4. #529112013-04-12 00:17:26One said:
    Thank you. But the file doesn't work, its missing some additional files. You need to import the audio into mp3 format. If it's more than 1 file you have to compress it into a .rar file, or upload all of it simultaneously, but that can be a lot of work.

    The mp3 files doesn't have to be uploaded to a file sharing site, I just need a way to be able to download it. Other options can be soundcloud, chirbit, and youtube

    I just need a way to be able to download it.

    It doesn't have to be recorded with high quality mics. You can record it with the mic that's attached to your laptop or it can even be recorded on your phone. Just make sure you are not recording it near a crowd because background noise will ruin the audio.