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Animated shorts

  1. #822282014-09-09 17:07:08Taro_Tanako said:

    So folks, let's awaken the animated shorts...

    (Yup, I clearly have too much spare time right now)

    Dark Noir by Rafael Grampá and the Red Knuckles Team. A very short supernatural "noir". Personally, I'd have liked it to be longer to give a bit more room for pacing but it has good atmosphere.

    Abiogenesis by Richard Mans. Just a superbly animated little scifi trope about aliens creating life.

    The Story of Lego Ever wondered where lego started?


  2. #926742015-10-16 20:07:12Taro_Tanako said:

    So it's back..?!

    Here's one with vomiting unicorns and WUB..

    The boy hates salad..

    I love a good time travel story..also, en Francais (with subs)!