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  1. Support group for people who need to slow down

    #530552013-04-14 03:31:11 *Rune said:

    So it's been a hectic week for me. Before I knew it, it's the weekend already...

    But something interesting came up yesterday. In the last class of the week, we were watching a movie called 'Smoke' and there was a scene where Paul was looking over pictures that Auggie took every single day at the same time every day.

    And then at one point, Auggie said,

    (By the way, watch the movie, it's brilliant. It's on Netflix)

    At the end of the movie, the teach then recalled back to the scene. You see, from where he was sitting, he could see that everyone really couldn't wait to get the fuck out and get the weekend started, you know. So, he repeated that quote again and rephrasing it a little.

    "You see, this is exactly what I've been telling you guys since the very beginning. You guys need to slow down. Because if you don't, you won't understand the meaning."

    (Now, if it isn't obvious to you now, this particular teacher really is the kind of teacher who is taking things real slowly in the class.)

    Anyway, this made me think about my life a bit now. I mean, even though I seem to be doing nothing most of the time, I could feel my mind racing all the time and also feel like I can't wait for school to end and summer to start. I feel like, maybe I've been doing it wrong. Maybe I should enjoy spring while it lasts...

    But I'm having problems. It seems like my mind is in caffeine rush all the time (and I don't even drink coffee). I've been having some problems with this thing called "Fuck, why is it almost Monday again?" almost every single week of my life.

    So, I think that maybe I should start this discussion/support group for people who need to slow down. The way it works is, please share your story of times when you feel really relaxed, when you feel time passes slowly. Doesn't matter if it's from 20 years ago or last week, share it if you can recall some. Maybe, with doing this we can resolve our caffeine rush and slow down.

    This is my story to start this.

    It was the last year of middle school. It was 8 PM and I was at my friend's house to snap some photos for our yearbook. Everyone in our class was present and we weren't even thinking about this being the last day we'd meet each other in an enclosed space ever again.

    Just that morning, we've been shooting our piece for the yearbook entry for our 'class video'. We did a bunch of parodies of commercials and if you could imagine it, there were 34 people and every single one of them had to be in it. To top it off, none of this were even planned in the first place. (Although we did vote on doing the commercials thing but we never discussed on who's going to do what.)

    If it were compared to today, I'm really astounded that we were even able to do it really. I mean, going to film school, the teachers always say "W(where)TF is your storyboard???", "Get your goddamn actors!", "Fuck you, you'd get fired because you forgot to do X!".

    I mean, it's so fucking different today.

    To top it off, we did the shoot back then at our own pace. I think we started at noon and finished off at 5 with everyone got their scenes done with retakes and different camera angles. Seriously, 34 people, and like only 3 people tops per scene, and like a minute for each scene. Compared to what I do now, it takes like forever and a lot more swearing just to work with 6 people.

    Hell, scratch 6 people. It's hard to work with just an other person because he'd argue with you a lot.

    Why the fuck didn't we even have a single argument on that shoot day? Why were we just, you know, having fun while at the same time we got things done?

    Not only that, we even had a fucking pool party at 5 where everyone had to be forcibly pushed into the pool (no going in by yourself of course). And yet, we still had the time afterwards to have dinner and do the photo shoot that very same night.

    And no one fucking complained.

    Nor tired.

    Everyone left at almost the same time when the owner of the house were tired of having little kids in his house and wanted everyone out. So basically, everyone went off after they really had no choice. And even then, it was only like, 9. FUCKING. 9 o'clock! Which means we did the fucking photo shoot in about one fucking hour!

    Man, where did we go wrong?

    And that was the longest day of my life. It only lasted from noon till 9PM but I felt like it was forever, and fun day of my life. They say time goes quickly when you are enjoying yourself; I bet they also think fast food is healthy too...

    Right now though, I think the reason why that day felt very long is because it was the last day we would ever see each other again until god knows when. I mean, sure, many of us ended up going to the same high school again but it was really different in high school. People were really stressed out with this 'future' thing and even when we did do the same things that we were doing in middle school again, it just felt... different.

    tl;dr I think ultimately, we might need to always keep reminding ourselves that we are living in the present. I mean... KUNG FU PANDA MOMENT

    Anyway, thank you if you took the time to read whatever the hell it was that I wrote. So now, I'm curious about your stories...

  2. #531302013-04-14 21:32:37Cloud-VK said:

    The most relaxing place to me is the beach on vaca. You see we go on vacation every year to a beach and I dunno I like to sleep on the nice bed and couch or whatever but some nights I stay on the porch the warm air and the night life just the most things to me relaxing to me.