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FLORIDA MAN! Only in Florida...

  1. #602792013-07-02 20:07:31Cenica said:
    Man 'strangled and killed family puppy before skinning him and cutting him into pieces for food'

    Thomas Elliot Huggins, from Tampa Bay, Florida, was arrested last Thursday after a relative at the home called police to report he had killed the six-month-old puppy.
  2. #602822013-07-02 22:08:18 *coobar1912 said:

    I just read all the news articles on this thread. I used to live in Florida, and shit like that is the total norm over there. Orlando specifically.

    Hell. There was a kid in my neighborhood who almost committed suicide because his pet fish died. So yeah, be grateful for where you guys live now. Good luck trying to survive in Florida.

  3. #602832013-07-02 22:25:39Cenica said:

    I did live in Florida. I was born in Florida. And I survived. Honestly most of this crazy stuff comes either from the big cities or people who haven't lived here long. Florida's a big college party state so that causes a lot of craziness to echo there. Though there are some crazy redneck people...

  4. #602892013-07-02 23:04:58Cenica said:

    I've lived both places. My dad has a house out in the country and my mom moved down into Ocala one year. Also I have other family that live and work near Orlando. One of my cousins even works for Disney, at one of their resort restaurants. The thing about living in the country is a lot of crazy things can happen without anyone getting arrested. So yeah not much crime.

  5. #621672013-08-05 15:22:11Kirn said:

    And now, for some Florida science!!

    Magic Exercise Pill!

    So yeah, basically someone in Florida is inventing the pill you would be able to take to stay fit. Instead of, you know, going to the gym. Pure genius.

  6. #631232013-08-30 22:26:27 *DarkChaplain said:

    I think @HallkuOta is from Florida....


  7. #635582013-09-12 16:40:58johan_5179 said:

    That was quite unnecessary, i think.


  8. #635592013-09-12 18:21:13 *--Jack-- said:

    "Florida Woman Arrested For Leaving Kids In Car While She Went To Lil Wayne Concert"

    This is why I want to move to UK.

  9. #636052013-09-15 04:45:28johan_5179 said:

    Florida Man fed 2-month daughter Bleach to cure her Congestion

    A Florida man allegedly fed his 2-month-old daughter bleach because he thought it could help cure her congestion.

    "This would probably be the dumbest decision I ever made in my life, and I regret it 110 percent," 20-year-old Florida Man told WESH-2 News.

    At a press conference Monday, the man said the girl suffers from chronic breathing difficulties, the Gainesville Sun reported. He said a friend from the College of Central Florida recommended the bleach treatment, saying that she had used it on her own child.

    And this is where it gets really messed-up.

    The guy is a pre-med student

    Florida Woman Mailed Kids Knife To Murder Grandparents

    A mother in Lakeland, Fla., is accused of mailing her daughters a knife and asking them to kill their grandparents.

    the grandmother told law enforcement that she found a knife under one of the children's pillows.


  10. #657542013-11-08 14:13:01johan_5179 said:

    bump, because this thread is too funny to let go.