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  1. Survey: What Projects / Contests Would CL Like To Participate In?

    #531862013-04-15 20:08:37 *DarkChaplain said:

    With the Server-Kun Design Contest just having closed its submission window and being prepared for judgement day, CL users might feel the itch to participate in another project or contest.

    Sadly, the total amount of serious submissions to the Server-kun Design Contest was lower than anticipated, which should not be all too bad, considering there were some excellent ones among them.
    However, it makes me scratch my head - why did so many people who expressed their interest not deliver anything at all after even further extended deadlines?

    Maybe some users just didn't feel confident about their drawing skills, or did not like the contest's subject, and thus didn't participate. I don't know. Any insights on that would be appreciated.

    Be that as it may, I'd be genuinely interested to hear/read what you people would be interested participating in!

    What kind of projects or contests tickle your fancy? What type of activity could make you put an effort into a submission? Do you want to draw more, write, sing, play or whatever else?

    Please also bear in mind that CL has its very own channel on, which might come in handy for "visual" projects like the old AMV contest, or presentations in general. Larger group projects could also make use of other off-site tools and sites to improve the project's structure and assign specific roles.

    Please leave your thoughts, wishes, suggestions or criticisms in the comments below.

    Remember: Any Project Rises and Falls by the Users' Hands!

  2. #531872013-04-15 20:11:02DarkChaplain said:

    Fair Warning:

    Stay on Topic!
    Discussing ideas and such is fine, but don't stray too far from the topic, and please think for a second before posting.

  3. #531892013-04-15 20:25:22Kirn said:
    Well, let's see... Since I can't draw to save my life, and definitely not competitively, I am out of luck with design contests and such.

    However, I did have my share of contributions. I did my singing and I did my voice-acting. Oh, and I did my writing.
    Problem with writing projects - writing collaborations - on CL is that people get disinterested very fast and the project dies a slow painful death. So I got me my CL News as a project and that's enough for me )
    But I would join some voice acting initiative - serious or funny one. Or a good chorus with a decent song... Those kind of projects are the kind that people can actually finish if we try. But seriously, voice-acting work is better cause the cooperation on those projects can be more interesting, and the end result can be more interesting too. So really, I would be up for that.

    Also, not exactly a project, but I remember when people would post links to some public votes for a good causes. I kinda miss those too - those showed that we care about things.
  4. #531922013-04-15 20:39:50DarkChaplain said:

    Problem with writing projects - writing collaborations - on CL is that people get disinterested very fast and the project dies a slow painful death. So I got me my CL News as a project and that's enough for me )

    Aye, and its making me sad. I actually have some stuff for the writing department lying on my hard drive, collecting virtual dust, but it won't be of any use without ample participation

    I do agree that voice-work would probably be most successful due to the relatively low effort required from the participants. That ain't gonna take them hours to draw or write up, or even think about.
    Still, personally I am unsatisfied with voice-work, as I refuse to participate in something like that. Not that my personal point in that matter actually has any bearing, but keep in mind that there are plenty of people who'd feel uncomfortable with that kind of stuff - and we currently have a chorus thingy running anyway.

  5. #531942013-04-15 21:30:42hellstorm901 said:

    Voice acting is something I could support and maybe get involved with (Maybe but definitely not singing)

    @DarkChaplain But we would all love to hear you lovely voice why not read us the Harry Potter books desu.

  6. #531962013-04-15 21:34:51Mau said:
    I did really enjoy the Design contest, so I would love more of those, it really helps me stretch my art legs in a while and gives me some much needed motivation, even if there isn't a cash prize or any kind of prize. So I'd definitely participate in more art related projects.

    I also wouldn't be against voice acting or even dramatic readings, I would definitely be for some voice over projects, though no singing because I sound like a frog with a frog in its throat when I sing. I'd be nice if we could organize a voice over project.
  7. #532012013-04-15 22:18:31Roon said:

    Voice acting, eh?

    Well, I guess it's clear what CL wants to do: an Abridged Series

    We can be our own Team FourStar

  8. #532102013-04-15 23:09:45DarkChaplain said:

    I'm quite tired of drawing competitions they're only fun to observe for so long as someone who can't draw.

    I agree with Prince Adam on that.

    What is it with all those "recycled" ideas, pretty much taking what is running right now or was running until pretty much yesterday, and changing only a small bit about it (e.g. the song, the art topic)?

    There's only so much drawing that can be done before the community loses interest completely. Yes, some might enjoy drawing a lot, and some might have liked a few artworks from the Server-kun contest, but as a matter of fact, participation already ran low after a week, and not many actually submitted something worthwhile that went beyond a doodle and was fit for purpose (aka a shirt design).

    Just look back, and think ahead more than the next month, or next project, and you'll hopefully realize that too much of the same will be the death of it.

    Writing would be a nice change as well. There have been a few threads relating to writing including the the "CL Writing Thread" that I believe you created so I think there would be possible interest for that

    I've been thinking about bringing it back, but then Ashkachan/awkwardangels made a similar thread last week and I put it off for another day. She's since deleted her thread (again), so I might bring that back if I manage to write up a proper thread without getting distracted. The old thread went poof a couple of months ago.

    Still, it relies very much on user participation, and I am a bit wary of that. It wouldn't make sense with only 3 people writing something, especially not without getting feedback from people willing to spend time reading.

  9. #532182013-04-16 00:13:19Noodle said:

    Okay, some brainstorming here;

    Short Story Contest (writers corner?)
    Comedy Sketch (abridged style or radio sketch style aka voice acting)
    User Challange (do something nice for a stranger or something less creepy)
    Recruit a User Day (if it's a bad user we kill you)
    Running contest (who can run the furthest?)
    Effort posting

    I'm really tired and I've got work tomorrow. I'll read through this thread later.

  10. #532442013-04-16 09:54:05 *Ecstasy said:

    Effort posting

    Hmm, "thread of the month/thread of the year" contest... all gonna be won by DC :'D

    Also we have a radio, @Deftones did have a nice idea about using it.
    Then again the problem of timezones still remain in this case but not as strongly as with gaming projects. Like, we usually have some half-dead "let's game together" threads, but I never had a chance to join one myself... might be my lack of effort though.

    And well, challenges might be fun too. The ones where you do stuff and post a video on youtube. We even had something along those lines.

  11. #532452013-04-16 10:25:07Kirn said:
    Concerning 'let's play together' threads, I think the most active and successful we had was "Spiral Knights", cause it had some basic things - easy to play, entertaining action, free game. Again, something that doesn't take much effort or even coordination. Well, at least that one was the one I joined and had fun doing that.

    Also, that's pretty much what everyone can do - play games. People may say that VA or singing is something everyone can do, but even that one requires some skill. Oh, and for that we need a really strong director, like Myogi - guys like him are essential for a serious voice-project. Also, not that I think about it, VA also can be competitive... we can do 'best song' contests or something like that...

    Also, there may be something in 'thread of the month' idea, really.

    Concerning original ideas... well, the thing is - there's not many original ideas in the world that can be done as a collaboration on the internet. But I'd love to look and poke at something new too.
  12. #532472013-04-16 10:44:51DarkChaplain said:

    Momo and Gar did that before, didn't they?

    hello everynyan? ahaha... yeah, one episode and then they never did a second, right? just like so many other things, it never really kicked off and became a thing.

    not that I'd be against podcasts, but they depend on the ones talking, and if they suck or aren't reliable enough, nobody will give a damn

  13. #532492013-04-16 11:45:33Kirn said:
    Oh lol, THAT podcast... haha... that was one of the most embarrassing miscarriages among CL projects.

    Well, podcasts are doable it you remove fuckups from the picture... But let me tell you as the resident newsman - we don't have much news to deal with. And if you cut those that would cause drama, we would barely have a 1/3 of that. Wanna know ALL the news that would make the newspaper if I would decide to post one now? "VolkiVolks returns, then disappears again!"; "After long wait, the Server-kun contest enters next stage!"; "DC kills another bad thread!" That's pretty much it.

    And the one commodity we got on the site is the community itself, so one way to make podcast would be to create a series of podcasts about notable CL users... like interviews... or maybe to get some thread from CL that is good enough for different opinions and make an online argument, like a talk-show.
  14. #533072013-04-17 11:56:29deng said:

    How can there be news, when every effort to make something happen, starting with a 'bad thread' gets killed in less than a day.... Sure it's peaceful... But peaceful is also really boring...

  15. #532912013-04-17 01:30:36Momimochi said:

    Welp. Voice acting's pretty popular, judging by the tiny amount of feedback.

    Choruses are a hit or miss.

    Last writing one failed so miserably.

    But yeah, those three... Are probably the most doable ones.

  16. #533082013-04-17 11:57:52deng said:

    I still have a lot of writing files of that first colorless manga project, where it was about the Disco-tan and keychain guy meeting each other...

  17. #533042013-04-17 11:38:00 *Dec said:

    I think we should kidnap 13 users, drug them and lock them in a warehouse wither various obstacles. Once being locked in a warehouse they will awake to find one weeaboo object at their side and with this weeaboo object they need to defend themselves to the death until there is only one person standing.... Yeah, basically weeaboo battle royal. Plus we film it all and there has to be hybrid sloths that can run at 50mph that kill you too. Oh yeah, when they wake up they are cosplaying (e.g @kirn dressed up as hatsune miku or @Wanderlust as yoko from TTGL) hue.

    We also have to bet into who will die first and who will of course win.

  18. #533162013-04-17 15:30:33Kirn said:
    @deng, don't even go there. I was part of 3 fucking manga projects, I drew fucking storyboards. CL Mangas are doomed to fail.
    The only way it can be done is with 1-2 people max. If that person (2 persons) are dedicated... sure, it may happen. But that would null all the notion of 'public' activity. So no, as activity we just can't do manga on CL. Forget about it.
  19. #533182013-04-17 15:58:21deng said:

    I know, lol. Colorless manga is doomed for all eternity. It really needs 1 artist, 1 writer. That's it. And both roles can be done by the same person.

    I knew there were 2 projects, didn't know after those two failures others attempted this again.... It just won't happen.

  20. #533222013-04-17 17:50:07 *canon said:

    CL community projects are fun. i like the idea of a more serious attempt at a podcast, and possibly a sort of... "news team". maybe a thread with news, not necessarily CL related, but just general news from different parts of the world? i also think that volunteer projects, like meetups where we help out our surrounding communities, would be awesome. kind of like the bay area clean up back three years ago when the united states west coast colorless met up and helped clean up the san francisco bay area. projects that unite people are really what interest me, and are a little more inclusive and engaging than voice acting or drawing contests which really only appeal to a niche group.

  21. #533252013-04-17 18:06:11DarkChaplain said:

    i also think that volunteer projects, like meetups where we help out our surrounding communities


    projects that unite people are really what interest me

    how is that really any different from the other things >

    which really only appeal to a niche group.

  22. #533282013-04-17 18:35:08canon said:

    @DarkChaplain what do you mean "how is that really any different from the other things"? i feel like meet-ups and things of that sort are more appealing to a larger group than those arts-related projects. maybe i'm wrong, but it's generally the same group of people who participate in art and voice acting projects.