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Survey: What Projects / Contests Would CL Like To Participate In?

  1. #533292013-04-17 18:44:19Kirn said:

    @canon, and it would be the same group of people meeting at those meet-ups. People selected strictly for their geographical location. Which I know a lot of, cause I am the only CL guy in me whole country.

  2. #533302013-04-17 18:59:01Cloud-VK said:

    IRL we are all spread out, I know I have never heard of meet ups really working out for us. ...I know we got threads on that topic.

  3. #533312013-04-17 19:01:10DarkChaplain said:

    @canon what @Kirn said. There's no way in hell to meet up properly, and only the people who met up anyway or have the chance to would even give a shit.

    Again, in case you haven't realized it after the Graduation thread - people are spread out across the world. We have people from all around, and while a meetup might be fun for the people in some big US city, there's a gigantic majority of users who can't take a train or plane to attend.
    I know it might sound crazy, but not everybody wants to spend mad cash on travelling, has a car and doesn't need to care about gas, or can have his mommy drive him over to meet up. Even more so since there are many teenage kids on here, who won't be hopping states or countries like that.

    As Kirn already mentioned, geographical barriers turn this meetup idea into the biggest niche "project" of them all. A drawing project is still much more accessible for everyone than something that you can't possibly participate in because you can't hop on a plane and fly to the states for a day to hang out with locals and clean some streets.

  4. #534142013-04-18 03:03:27wanderlust said:

    We should do a CL user mash up video, its like similar to our tinychat user faces collage, only moving, speaking and on 3D

  5. #534232013-04-18 05:43:55deng said:

    There were some very successful meetups you know... Like the UK meetup was pretty damn successful... .

    I wouldn't mind meeting @Evii-chii, since she's the only one in me country.

  6. #534372013-04-18 12:02:57canon said:

    @deng yeah there have been some pretty successful meetups.

    @kirn and @darkchaplain i'm not saying meetups for every single member. just more community-based projects, as opposed to art-based. the meetup was just an example of something i've known to work a couple times in the past, and not just in the US. in fact... almost never in the US.

  7. #534422013-04-18 13:49:10Kirn said:

    I believe, we had 2 UK meet-ups, 2 or 3 Philippines meet-ups and 1 or 2 US meet-ups? Well, all in all, it's the same for both drawing contests, amv contests and real-life meet-ups. Not all can participate. The difference is, with meet-ups, you pretty much appeal to the community inside the community. UK meet-up can be proposed mostly just to people from UK. While other activity can be proposed to the whole site.

    Anyhow, there are other way to do real-life things. Like "Olympics" we had... actually, what happened to that, I don't remember how it ended... Or just a project where you, just for the sake of argument, go out and help an old lady to cross the road. Things along those lines can be proposed to the whole site, and the location won't be an issue. Though, I am speaking only hypothetically.

  8. #539882013-04-22 14:53:59Deftones said:

    Hello! Deftones here high on coffee and with an idea! I HAVE AN IDEA! Let me write this out.

    Basicly this idea is a podcast, we talk about three topics (It could be anime/comics/music/cl bullshit/world events/games/whatever) This will be our base, from there we add on once we've found a good foothold and something that works! We bring in people from the community to talk about subjects, we bring in interesting people to talk, discuss and so on.

    Now, I'm very sure this can be done on the radio. I have found a time slot when no one is using it! (Around 9pm to 12pm UTC/GMT +8 hours). I'll confirm with @Warlock. Since this will be done on radio, it shall be done live!

    I'm pretty sure there is a option to save radio sessions on the harddrive, so I can then upload them to a thread.

    I'll get a group of people to discuss subjects basicly, we'll try to be "Humorous" and "Lively" as to not "bore" you.

    Anymore ideas or criticism is very welcome.

  9. #539902013-04-22 15:21:49Cenica said:

    I'm undecided on whether I like this idea or not. On one hand it has the potential to be fun but on the other it's going to take a lot of work. Also I think it will hard to get people interested in this if they are not involved in some way. (It has the potential to die an early death.) How often do you plan to do this? I think it could be fun if you grouped people up in two's and went through a cycle. Each group talking about different things but the individual group would talk about the same thing every time. For example a group that talks about new games or such. (Which should probably include DC...)

  10. #539922013-04-22 15:37:36MrTingles said:

    I think other ideas to be added could be dramatic readings, recipe stuff, and reviews of just about anything. Another potential idea could even be skits...though that would admittedly take some work and planning to make them decent. That being said, if you ever need some help, let me know.

  11. #539932013-04-22 15:38:54Deftones said:

    @Cenica I was thinking that the topics would be planned out beforehand, anyone with knowledge of the topic would join in on the conversation, and it would go on like that. The core group would be 3 or 4 people.

    The podcast would be done on a weekly basis, it would have a archive for anyone wanting to listen and it would be done on the radio.

    We could find a way to bring in people who are "Experts" in the topic at hand.

    So say we do this in skype (Just an example), we could make a group and bring people in to talk about whatever topic we are talking about. I would be recording from Stereo mix.

    Now I'm not too sure how to keep people interested. Maybe just have "Interesting" people who are fun to listen to???? o_o

  12. #539912013-04-22 15:31:53Kirn said:

    Well okay, this may work as an idea. I already told you on chat, but still - in addition to radio, you will have to have archives for everyone to be able to listen to the fucking thing later. What else... gotta have dedication, and you should know that...

    You will have to have a plan for at least 1 show like 3 days before you start recording. Who will be on? Do they agree? Do they know what time is it in their timeline? What will be the main theme? Supporting themes? How would you plan the show to go? For how long?

    All in all, as I said - it can be done, this can even have some interaction within a community. But you really have to plan ahead with this, especially if you are going for a specific time-frame.

  13. #539982013-04-22 16:09:02 *Deftones said:

    CL Podcast Summarize

    • Dramatic readings
    • Recipe stuff
    • Reviews
    • Skits
    • Conversation on topics Three parts

    4 slots to fill


    Who will be on? Undecided.

    Do they agree? They better!

    Do they know what time is it in their timeline? It will be planned and wrote down. The casters will be told beforehand and the host(planner) will make sure when the topic ends and moves onto the next topic/session

    What will be the main theme? Light but humorous conversation about general topics i.e Games, music, world, science, life.

    Supporting themes? Undecided

    How would you plan the show to go? Well, Show would go by having 3-4 people talking about stuff. There might be special sessions to spice things up (Listed in the ideas).

    For how long? Anywhere from 30min to 1hour.


    (time allocation) -Conversation on topics

    Subject to change

  14. #540012013-04-22 16:15:58deng said:

    Can start with anything random like "what did you do this week, Deftones?" And from there we can start on anything really, even just talking about the current conversation in chat. A topic can easily e found if you search for it.

    Supporting themes is the same thing. I'd rather think there wouldn't be any main topic, just a 'clusterfuck' of light relaxing topics.

    How would you plan the show to go? .... Well, Show would go by having 304 people talking about stuff, no? It's what a podcast is.

  15. #540082013-04-22 16:55:14Deftones said:

    Now I want to work out time stuff.

    I think maybe for the core (Three topics) they should go for 10min each. 30min all up.We have special sessions(in the ideas), and I'm not sure how long they should go for. Say we have a quick 5min review, we could even have "Science facts!" o:

  16. #547092013-05-02 20:53:50Kirn said:

    Well, this haven't been updated in a while... anyways, I was thinking about singing projects and this funny though his me. A Cappella Barbershop Quartet. Something like that:

    Would have been really funny to make something like that. Though, I do have to be realistic and say that it would be too hard for us and such things rarely work well with too many people. Still, would have been funny.