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Parent: Survey: What Projects / Contests Would CL Like To Participate In?

  1. #531892013-04-15 20:25:22Kirn said:
    Well, let's see... Since I can't draw to save my life, and definitely not competitively, I am out of luck with design contests and such.

    However, I did have my share of contributions. I did my singing and I did my voice-acting. Oh, and I did my writing.
    Problem with writing projects - writing collaborations - on CL is that people get disinterested very fast and the project dies a slow painful death. So I got me my CL News as a project and that's enough for me )
    But I would join some voice acting initiative - serious or funny one. Or a good chorus with a decent song... Those kind of projects are the kind that people can actually finish if we try. But seriously, voice-acting work is better cause the cooperation on those projects can be more interesting, and the end result can be more interesting too. So really, I would be up for that.

    Also, not exactly a project, but I remember when people would post links to some public votes for a good causes. I kinda miss those too - those showed that we care about things.