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  1. Happy Birthday, Hitler-kun!

    #537162013-04-20 07:54:01 *Rune said:

    124 years ago, today. A strong-willed boy was born in Braunau am Inn, Austria. This boy would later grow up to be @Hitler-kun that we all know and love ♥

    We all know that ever since he was a little boy, Hitler-kun had a big dream. A REALLY BIG dream. And just like every great people, he was able to realize his dreams through perspiration, and guts.

    Inspired by this awesomeness, the World then decided that this day, should also be celebrated as the International Weed Day, as well as MOTHER 3's release day.

    But we must not forget. The anniversary that started it all... Hitler-kun's birthday!

    Let us all give all of our hearts and cakes to our dear Fuhrer, Hitler-kun! May he be blessed with even more cakes!

  2. #537232013-04-20 11:43:22DarkChaplain said:

    I assume there has been some confusion about Rune's unbanned arse, and since there was no word of unbanning him, I assume we somehow... miscommunicated who was supposed to issue the ban in the first place. I corrected the error, so Rune is out for 3 days.
    However, this ban was issued for the Suicide Club thread, and not for this one. Now I'll go back to not modding til monday.

  3. #537422013-04-20 19:59:56Noodle said:

    I don't really get this "not mod 'til monday"- stuff. Are you taking a vacation? But you are still here, right? Is it a symbolistic vacation? Are you making a statement?

  4. #537432013-04-20 20:06:21DarkChaplain said:

    It is both symbolic and a kind of vacation. Am going through some games, books and doing as I please, without bothering much about CL. Seeing too many shitty threads and dumb people all the time wears you down a lot when you somehow have to clean up after them.
    I'm actually having dinner while installing The Sims 3 right now, can you believe it? I trust that house decoration activities will calm me down enough to not feel like murdering people again right next week.

  5. #537362013-04-20 16:23:47Kirn said:

    Well, this thread gives Gar a horrible butt-pains, so I approve of this here development. Also, should I even point out that people who form their opinions based on what they read on anime forums are just idiotic and do not deserve our concern? They are almost as undeserving as a guy who would drag those sorry fucks in an argument to cover his own aching ass.

    Also. Hitler is not so bad.

  6. #537552013-04-20 21:48:39awkwardangels said:

    Weed's more important than Hitler. Weed is the reason why so many great songs, books, movies and other means of entertainment are available.

    And why Snoop Dogg is literally the chillest person on this planet.

  7. #537732013-04-20 22:24:22 *Mau said:
    Weed is better than Hitler.

    I mean look how it changed the lives of a nazi pop duo!

    From singing songs of hate to loving and embracing others for their differences.
    Happy 4/20 kids, may you blaze it with the force of a thousand suns!