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"Tales of" Series Official Disscusion Thread: Tales of Xillia Getting Localized!

  1. #160722012-03-05 22:41:57animeftw said:

    contests sound fun! im going for Cheria,but i could change my descison for watever charector knows tiger blade or demon fang(couple of my fav and common moves in every tales of game) YES 1 MORE WEEK AND THE WAIT IS OVER stil kinda of sad no Limited edtion

  2. #160762012-03-06 00:11:10ImagineBreaker said:

    My main will probably be Asbel since I usually play as the main character anyway. Though I'll probably try to use all the characters equally.

  3. #160882012-03-06 01:01:29Settsuo-kun said:

    For one contest that'll most likely happen later this year, I do plan on either a 3DS with Tales of the Abyss, or PS Vita with Tales of Innocence R. This'll probably one of the grander prizes for a very difficult contest.

    I'll most likely alternate from Asbel to Pascal or Sophia. I'll have to replay the demo again to check every one else out.

    Plus since tomorrow marks the one week start until it's release If money permits I'll start a contest for our EU participants to win an advance US copy (Thanks PS3 for being region free!). I'll have to see how money works out this weekend, but it's promising :D

  4. #160992012-03-06 02:14:40 *animeftw said:

    @ImagineBreaker Xillia u can almost play everyone effeciently for the exception of rowen(old man), Abyss was the only game i didnt play has the MC since 1 party memeber Guy was faster than Luke(MC) PLUS Guy knew demon fang,tiger blade,demonic tiger blade of coruse i did switch back every now and then when the party was to dumb to use a simple life bottle on there own and would rather cast ressurection @Settsuo-kun can u actually double plantuim on the PS3 if u buy the same game in english but in diffrnt regions?for instance if some plays both the NA and EU version of Graces F

  5. #161042012-03-06 02:44:23 *Settsuo-kun said:

    @animeftw Some games do offer separate platinum's for different regions. While I don't know if Tales of Graces F will, I can guarantee 2 different platinum's for sure, but if it will be a US/EU combo or separate or even offering specific region i.e. Germany is still up in the air until all versions are released.

  6. #162852012-03-06 19:21:13ImagineBreaker said:

    double platinum?

    I remember at the beginning of Symphonia I'd use Kratos until Lloyd was strong enough since he had first aid AND was strong from the start XD

    Ah~ I really hope Graces is received really well <3 Also I get a feeling the ending of Graces will really get me~

  7. #165622012-03-07 20:49:47ImagineBreaker said:

    Some slightly annoying news. Turns out Kohak in the English release has been renamed to Amber. Not a major change but it ruins the awesome joke that NamDai originally did.

    What am I talking about? Well looking at Tales of Hearts the main heroine is called Kohak whilst her brother is called Hisui..... Now then! Anybody notice anything about those two names? Maybe adding a "u" to the heroine's name might help~

  8. #166062012-03-08 01:01:11animeftw said:

    as for now ill post some graces related vids

    Pascal :3 Bonus Pts if u know where the song is from

    wonder what she says in after 1st battle

    aweseome song here,wonder when this plays all i hope is this better not be a boss theme since it (well to me) sounds normal battle themeish

  9. #167012012-03-08 15:55:34Settsuo-kun said:

    I feel like i'm spoiling myself listening to these :D

    And look at Pascal! I hope we get all the DLC offered from the JP version. Lots of outfits I'd love to play with.

    Oh and this may be old, but I just thought I needed to post it.


    Download it here or Do it from your PS3

    Pretty solid PS3 theme made by one of my favorites akaBATTOUSAI a few years back.

  10. #170612012-03-10 09:56:46animeftw said:

    FINALLY AN ADULT CLIP OF CHERIA'S ENGLISH VOICE pascal's voice acotr is great richards voice is good as well as huberts all left for is malik and holy crap bandai doing more (sorta) advertsing for graces damn makes me jealous of all the other people who are getting the game early