gibe monies plz!

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  1. Draw the person above you! :3

    #542432013-04-25 19:00:43 *Wolfangle said:

    Basically you draw the person above you in the vision of anyway you think to them of; by gravatar, real person, ect. Make sure to draw your best and not something small like a stick man (That's just disrespectful)

    I don't bet you guys would come to this new thread just to draw a picture of boring ol'Wolfy, so ill just tag some people to make the first selections.





    Also, i bet it would be hard to choose someone but at the same time have someone else drawing that same exact person..So who ever has the next post, @tag the person you wish to draw in a sub-post of their original post .w. Hopefully that made sense. But yea, good luck with your drawings

  2. #542542013-04-25 20:38:09 *deng said:

    I need to make sure to draw Momi tomorrow. I can't think straight. Also I have no way to digitize the work from home, so even if I sit down to draw it now... :D

    My weak drawing skills, failing to portray @Momimochi as she stands in my mind. I couldn't bare continuing my feeble attempts at trying to get the lower part right. Maybe if I drew a dress... But that'd just be wrong...