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  1. Funny prank you would play, if you knew you would never get caught?

    #546812013-05-02 14:56:11 *Cloud-VK said:

    What would be the most funny prank you would play on the person you dislike the most, if you knew you would never get caught?

  2. #546832013-05-02 15:06:40Gwynn said:

    Set off a stink bomb (if it has to be a prank) in the House of Representatives - preferably at one of those moments when they can't leave.

  3. #547072013-05-02 20:42:37Akri said:

    pranks huh? is there such a prank where i get a load of cash, enough for me to live in the lap of luxury for the rest of my life?

  4. #547232013-05-03 01:58:00Mau said:
    I would go to a restaurant where you get your own drinks from the soda fountain, I would say I was getting a lemonade, but instead of getting lemonade I get Iced Tea.
    Badass or Badass? Amirite?
  5. #604682013-07-07 03:34:25muckoanggono said:

    I would kidnap their most loved one, then tell them to kill the hostage's most loved one in exchange for releasing the hostage. Just kidding, I will never release the hostage.

  6. #609212013-07-14 21:27:29AlphaHikari_1A14 said:

    I would leave the instructions for how to play Hide and Seek Alone on their desk. The instructions would include the materials needed, how to start, and what to do in the middle of the game. I would purposely leave out how to end the game and cleanse the house.

  7. #609242013-07-14 21:57:35--Jack-- said:

    Oh lemme think. Some of these are part vandalism.

    • Get a job selling puzzles in the mall at a kid's games kiosk, and remove a piece from each puzzle.

    • Put bricks in pre-used boxes and sell them as DVD players.

    • Steal your friends keys while they're drunk and have them copied. Wait until they're gone and mess with things.

    • Switch whip cream for bug spray. Prepare poison control hotline.

    • Unwrap "Baby Ruth" candy bar, throw in pool and shout "Poop!"

    • Put Bologna on someone's car. It removes the paint and leaves spots.

    • Put ketchup packets under a toilet seat so they explode when someone sits down.

    • Laxative-filled Cupcakes.

    • Hollow out someone's favorite book while they're away. Fill with spiders.

    • Wait for friend to go to sleep, staple their sheets to the bed while they're inside.

    • When in your friend's home, poke holes in the bottom of every cup.

    • Sneak into a museum at night and release thousands of bees before a big art expo.

    • Give zoo animals whiskey and cigarettes.

    • Put pink dye in bottles of laundry detergent at the store.

    • Steal important street signs.

    • Put Justin Bieber songs on your friend's Ipod.

    • Shave people while they sleep. Just one half of their head.

    • Tell someone that "LOST" is a good series to watch.

    I may post more if i think of them. Hope you like.

  8. #609482013-07-15 07:22:35johan_5179 said:

    Get a job selling puzzles in the mall at a kid's games kiosk, and remove a piece from each puzzle

    @--Jack-- you m-m-m-monster!

    BTW, I have done the LOST thing, it was fun :3

  9. #609512013-07-15 07:53:02Ecstasy said:

    Put Justin Bieber songs on your friend's Ipod.

    Nooooo, that's way too cruel. One of my friends was asked to fill someone's iPod with new albums. He then renamed over 200 "never gonna give you up" tracks and put them all randomly at the said device.

  10. #609312013-07-15 02:07:32kaykiii said:

    Get two friends to kill the parents of a kid right in front of him and you come in and whisper to him : "Listen kid, youre the batman now" and just walk away