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  1. Line Art Your Face

    #546942013-05-02 17:43:11 *Akri said:
    So, I took a picture of myself, placed it into sai, and lined over it exactly as the photo showed (for the hair there are some liberties, also my eyelashes are not that long, I tried to also do this in my style). I just wanted to do a comparison between anime line art and real life face line art.

    Lol, maybe it's cause I'm asian but all I really learned was that anime line art just had bigger eyes, or at least, in how I draw things.

    But here was the result (colored it for fun too):

    And here's to compare (line art over the photo):
    (idk why my cheeks are so pink, weird photo lighting!)
    Comparing the two, I should've shaded my eyebags more :I

    It was pretty fun, and I think it did help me a bit just to get a feel of things. But I'm encouraging other people to just trace over their pictures (or maybe not your own if you don't wanna) and see how anime proportions can be >:

    Else this shall just be a thread where I'm sharin' this lol.
  2. #547922013-05-04 03:32:10Akri said:

    hair liberties are totally welcome!

    i like seein' these lol everyone looks so 2D and fab because 2D is fab.

  3. #551172013-05-07 20:48:42deng said:

    When I was looking into free image editing software I was suggested FireAlpaca, Gimp and Paint.Net. Fire Alpaca isn't bad, the other two should be familiar to you. If not, look them up.

  4. #551402013-05-08 02:39:54Akri said:

    @Noodle gimp works, corel painter too i think (might have to pay, i don't remember exactly) besides the fact that google makes a lot of software free, there's a free trial of sai, but it's limited so you can't do much besides draw and not save. lol