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Romance Yaoi Anime

  1. #548362013-05-04 14:07:36Ecstasy said:

    @deng we have quick reply and the person might actually read some of the posts and saw people doing it. it's actually cool they do it.

  2. #548372013-05-04 14:40:08 *Kirn said:

    But it does happen. At the end of the day one of those guys you want to watch will have to wash out the other guy's cum from his asshole. And you should know about it. But you are acting as a hypocrite and saying you want 'yaoi but with no hentai and with a good story'. which is laughable no matter how you look at that phrase. So, are you a weakling like that?

  3. #548612013-05-05 01:19:49 *Mau said:
    Alright, well I can't recommend anime, because in my humble opinion most BL anime is sorely lacking in the substance department.
    (watch Boku no Sexual Harassment, lol)
    So I'm just gonna recommend manga.
    Read everything by Junko.
    Everything that woman touches is gold.
  4. #549102013-05-05 19:57:18 *Oppaaai said:

    Well... junjou romantica, the anime is shounen-ai with more hints for yaoi but not yet yaoi..while the manga is a yaoi manga. But if I shall say some other anime that is like that then i'll say Gravitation.

    But yeah, if you want romance "yaoi" then look in the shounen-ai section otherwise there will not be any without sex in it.

    And the part in your post " I'm looking for normal/straight romance anime with the same relationship as Usagi and Misaki from Junjou Romantica". I don't understand the straight romance part in that.

  5. #549152013-05-05 20:23:22awkwardangels said:

    Guys... why don't we you know... point people to the FAQ and rules instead of being rude and condescending towards other people? New members especially?

    Is it really that hard to be kind to people?

  6. #549172013-05-05 20:39:36DarkChaplain said:


    Because they don't even read those.

    Is it really that hard to be kind to people?

    Yes. Hard and unrewarding.

    Btw, when are you gonna stop with your attempts at backseat-modding?

  7. #549632013-05-06 06:36:09 *Mau said:

    So much homolust. SO MUCH SUBTEXT AND SUPERTEXT.

    I dunno man. Its pretty hard to beat Junko's stuff. It's pretty gay.

  8. #550012013-05-06 15:29:47cacao_c said:

    Good lord I didn't expect to see a lot of net bullies in one thread lol, poor things. Anyhow it only shows that you have some sort of problem. Good luck trying to solve it. =/ To the rest, thank you very much. I'm a hardcore fujoshi so I pretty much watched everything, I thought there might be something I missed but it doesn't seem so. The manga recommendations really did help though, thank so much again x3

    @deng @Ecstasy @Kirn @CloudVariasKira @Maudia @kosuke @Oppaaai @awkwardangels @InsaneBoredGame

  9. #550042013-05-06 16:29:52reki said:

    @cacao_c Uh. Well, if you were looking for actual yaoi, then you'd pretty much expect sex... But since you say you don't like hentai/sex, you're probably just looking for shounen-ai?

    I'd suggest trying out Takarai Rihito and Hinako Takanaga's works.

  10. #550132013-05-06 18:11:49Kirn said:

    hardcore fujoshi

    After all the weakling statements made by OP... yeah, I pretty much laughed on this one.