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  1. Hot Pizza!

    #549792013-05-06 11:13:59 *DarkChaplain said:
    Pizza Thread? Pizza Thread.

    Welcome to CL's Hot Pizza Thread.

    This is where you should come to worship the miracle that is Hot Pizza, and share your favorite styles. Share your Pizza stories, and pictures.

    Home-made Pizza is scoring extra points.

    To quote some very wise turtles....

    "Forgiveness is divine, but never pay pull price for late pizza."

    I will add a poll to take count of you good believers. If you vote "Meh", be aware that I am going to hate you even more than I already did.

  2. #549822013-05-06 11:38:50Paratoxical said:

    my favourite is pepperoni pizza with jalapenos jala and home-made spinach pizza (I'll probably upload a picture next time).

    i tried pizza with roast potatoes once, never doing that again xD

  3. #556902013-05-16 00:23:52Mau said:
    Favorite Pizza is Spinach, Bacon,Provolone cheese,with alfredo sauce.
    Not picky with any pizza though (except banana peppers...fuck those)