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  1. Friend Finder

    #542011-12-25 08:16:49Jenna38 said:

    OK. So I'm Jenna38 and I decided to create this thread so we can all sorta pick up where we left off and find each other again-Hence the name friend finder- So just post your username or whatever u want to sorta get urself out on the site again since so far I haven't seen a list that tells you the names of other Colorless members and it's going to be ALOT harder to find everybody again. IDK why but for some weird reason I feel like we're all kinda lost so yeah.

  2. #982011-12-25 09:51:54gyl said:

    Hello everyone. I'm Aurelius Gyl. You can call me Gyl. I love classical music, intellectual discussions, video games (preferably RPGs) and Anime

  3. #4342011-12-26 00:58:48 *Jenna38 said:

    Hey Everyone :) Nice to see some fellow colorless members again-even if not friends-we can at least become more familiar with each other~There still aren't many threads up yet so just post whatever u want others to know about you-things u like, ur favorite anime, whatever-it can even be completely Random-just say something friendly and Have Fun ;)

  4. #8302011-12-27 01:22:57 *Maryam said:

    HEY~ lets all just say our usernames which are already shown~

    Oh Hi. Im guardian's not half as funny, cool, or awesome imitator.

    @Jenna38 Yes. We do seem rather lost. :<

  5. #13472011-12-28 06:22:36 *Jenna38 said:

    I have to say~I do quite love the fact that the site is much faster and now we all can have kind of a second chance at starting anew with new threads and stuff.

    @Maryam u mispelled my username. nice one buddy. XD