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  1. #550752013-05-07 12:07:56 *Cloud-VK said:

    @Madam_Red_ yeah if it says web-socket at the top try changeing it to comet if you can because web-socket really doesn't work... at least it never does for me. BTW welcome to CL

  2. #550762013-05-07 12:08:44Kirn said:

    This is a sign for you. Run away from this horrible site while you still can! Run, run and never look back!

  3. #550782013-05-07 12:17:17DarkChaplain said:

    Chat is currently down.
    Staff is aware of the problem, and will try to restart Chat as soon as we are able.

    Let's look at the downtime as an opportunity to get familiar with the forum.

    I'm gonna close this thread now, however, as that is all there is to it.
    It is currently unavailable, but will be back up soon. Nothing else to discuss, really.