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Parent: FLORIDA MAN! Only in Florida...

  1. #550912013-05-07 13:24:20DarkChaplain said:

    Police Suspect Florida Man Is Walking Awkwardly; Find Needles Between His Butt Cheeks, Pills In His Anus

    Just.... no.

    Florida Man Arrested For Repeatedly Masturbating In Front Of Road Crew

    I just... what?

    Florida Man Takes Out Penis To Pick Up Mom In Front Of Her Kids

    Florida Man spotted himself a gorgeous lady playing with her kids in the playground at the Anderson Snow Sports Complex. He apparently needed to meet her and inquire if she was single or not.

    So he decided to approach her by laying down the smoothest pick-up maneuver possible: by walking up to her and her kids with his penis hanging out of his pants.

    "Damn girl," he reportedly said to her. "You're fine. Do you have a man?"

    All this while his dick was still hanging out of his pants. Smooth operator.

    Unfortunately, Florida Man's master game was cock-blocked by deputies responding to Florida Woman's 911 call.

    Bad End.