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  1. The kind of people u dislike. -___-

    #551612013-05-08 13:41:44 *Madam_Red_ said:

    Wat kind of people do u hate the most??? I hat people who show off, n also two faced ones....wbu??

  2. #551662013-05-08 14:40:22 *Cenica said:

    *What *you *and

    (Btw I'm pretty sure you can edit that and spell stuff correctly...)

    Really now. Not a big fan of bullies. (I'm usually a pretty quiet person but if I see someone bullying someone else I get really mean, really fast.) Most young celebrities. I mean, you get cash and an awesome job. Why do you have to screw up your image by being an immature brat? Rich high school kids. They're just annoying. Rude people. (If an old lady doesn't have a seat you better damn well give up yours.) Indecisive and immature peers. (You know, make a decision and don't worry too much about what others think. Also quit being a snob to your parents. They didn't have to raise you.)

    Note: I don't hate people so much as I dislike them. (Meaning I don't feel a burning rage towards them just annoyed.) Also there are always exceptions to the rule, so I'm not saying I automatically dislike people who fall into any of these categories.

  3. #551682013-05-08 15:12:46 *Cloud-VK said:

    I try not to dislike anyone to a extent, If someone choses to make me into an enemy then it's on them and the feelings become nuetral.

    Seeing how even I didn’t understand my last statement, after rereading it a few times…I think some editing is in order. My original statement was pretty vague so I’m sorry for the missed spellings and confusion. So let me put out a better opinion, Yeah there are people I dislike, particularly I can’t stand noise, people who are loud, rude, or think they’re the best thing since sliced bread, and the type that like to talk bad about others. The hot air that is expelled from their heads really gets me in all the wrong ways. This seems very different from the original post I know, but the feeling I was shooting for with that was I don’t think I could strait up hate someone. But looking back the word “hate” isn’t even in the main post...wait.was it?...oh yep it was. Either way I guess it was a bad point...when It was worded that way.

  4. #551702013-05-08 15:51:21Cenica said:

    I think he means neutral because he said he didn't dislike...of course I call bull shit on that statement. Everyone has disliked someone at some point. Even it it's just for a moment.

  5. #551992013-05-08 21:12:03Cenica said:

    Yeah I pretty much agree with you on that one I suppose. I don't really hate anyone either. I dislike people but not to such an extent as to hate them. That takes too much effort.

  6. #551772013-05-08 16:24:36 *Deftones said:

    People who use spiritual beliefs to explain their feelings. Like if they have bad feelings towards something or can't explain something, it is evil. Or if they feel uneasy they'll say "All is good, god will protect me from this evil".

  7. #551802013-05-08 17:27:02Kuroba_Loki said:

    I am watching this thread closely .___.

    BTW, I don't harbor feelings towards people, I am always neutral. Bots have no need for likes and hates.

    ~Mischievous wewbot~

  8. #552242013-05-09 05:18:55Kuroba_Loki said:

    I'm quite good at not saying anything, and I pride myself on that.

    If I'm going to say anything, I hate those that try to suck up to those superior to them, i also hate people who don't have a sense of individuality and always jumps on what's famous and wew atm. Specially if they don't even know what's good about that famous thing or wew. I'd say more, but I became too lazy to type so....wew .______.

  9. #552052013-05-08 22:17:06DarkChaplain said:

    People who try to get everyone to like them. That used to be me and I learned that lesson the hard way.

    IKR?! Though there is a subcategory of that kind - those who force themselves to be nice to everybody, no matter how retarded. Brrrr

    Anyone who presents themselves with superiority, subtle or not, it's just the worst kind of trait to have.

    But... I am superior to most people on this site here. I think they should be told about that fact!

    People who are clearly pricks who claim nobody understands them. Your abrasive personality is why nobody WANTS to give you a chance

    Psssh, I only hate it when people try to misrepresent and misinterpret my words due to their own inability to take them like a man or woman instead of a pussy.

    Anyone who uses the term 'haters'.

    And those who claim people who disagree with them are somehow "trolls". There's a serious case of definition-inflation going on these days...

    The religious. as soon as you reveal to them you don't share their beliefs, they look down on you, which brings me to my second point


  10. #552452013-05-09 15:01:52Cenica said:

    @Madam_Red_ Yeah I understand that you're using text talk but it still looks stupid when compared to writing the word out. The words you're abbreviating aren't that long to begin with. (So you'd rather be fast than accurate?) Cenica: refrains from making sexual jokes...

  11. #552912013-05-10 14:31:33--Jack-- said:

    I dislike the people that don't take the Internet seriously. That being said, I also hate people who take the Intenet seriously.