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The kind of people u dislike. -___-

  1. #832552014-10-05 06:33:11 *Kip said:


    //lays down on the floor and rips up a napkin

  2. #832562014-10-05 08:01:59 *--Jack-- said:

    People who claim the best solution is a Zero-Tolerance Policy.

    It isn't even a "sort-of-useful" solution, it's complete trash and does harm to the environment it's set in. A Zero-Tolerance Policy is basically a fancy way of saying "You don't have to think or pass judgement on what's fair or right, just see if it qualifies according to this list of guidelines." which basically means no more common sense in deciding punishments! Just see if they fit one of the descriptions! Descriptions most-likely made by some person in charge, high up on a tier where he/she doesn't even understand/experience the environment where this policy is going to be deployed. This is primarily used in American School Systems and social rules in a workplace.

    The very phrase "Zero-Tolerance" implies there's an inherent level of stupidity and stubbornness.

  3. #832572014-10-05 08:10:30Kirn said:


    I get weary of this zero tolerance bullshit. It's annoying. To begin with, it's a fascist concept; it's what Hitler and Stalin practiced. It allows for no exceptions or compassion of any kind. All is black and white no gradations. But even more important, it doesn't solve anything. The use of such a slogan simply allows whichever company, school or municipality is using it to claim they're doing something about a problem when, in fact, nothing is being done at all and the problem is being ignored. It's a cosmetic non-solution designed to impress simpletons. Whenever you hear the phrase zero tolerance, remember, someone is bullshitting you.

    (c) George Carlin

  4. #835032014-10-12 08:11:15 *--Jack-- said:

    Another great example:

    School Has Child Sign 'Safety Contract'

    Summary: A 5 year old was holding a pencil and said "pew pew". That, along with the child once scribbling something that "looked like" a gun, the school (didn't specify if pre-school or what) had the kid fill out a questionnaire, with questions about depression and suicide...things the kid probably had no idea existed until now. After that they had the legally-not-able-to-sign-for-itself-minor sign a contract with the school, promising no self-injury or threats and no injury to others. The school also wants the kid to go to a psychiatrist.

    This is madness

  5. #832692014-10-05 16:39:29ccc said:

    Pretty much the ones who are so quick to judge others,and instead of trying to help they just sit and watch as it all plays out

  6. #833082014-10-06 18:27:18Kip said:

    people who brag about self-harming.

    people who self-harm and don't see it as a problem.

    people who glorify self-harm.

  7. #833102014-10-06 19:02:34 *Mau said:
    people who try to prevent people from getting help with their self-harm condition.

    people who try to trigger people into self harming episodes.
  8. #832982014-10-06 16:28:32Mau said:

    People who pass judgment and condemn others based on their assumption/opinions instead getting all the facts straight and looking beyond their feelings.

  9. #833202014-10-06 20:14:00DarkChaplain said:

    People who can't fucking follow the simple rule of not posting sexually explicit bollocks on chat without at the very least using /nsfw tags. God damn it, people.

  10. #849182014-11-29 23:03:45 *SENsei said:

    Okay, but what if I actually am? What then? It's not an act anymore, right? EDIT: Wow, this post is a month old.

  11. #849782014-12-01 18:04:21Jacek said:

    A quote from a great man.

    “I tell you, children’s beauty pageants are an American tradition … but not a proud one.” — Dennis

  12. #849992014-12-01 21:31:18awkwardangels said:

    I've grown to really hate transphobes and racists. They're the worst kind of people to deal with jfs.

    I say this because my family is mainly this. <___>

  13. #850012014-12-01 22:12:59Jacek said:

    I really hate older (40+) year old gamers, especially in newer, online games. From my experience they go into one of two groups They are either 1) really bad and refuse to learn how to properly play games or 2) are extremely full of themselves and think they're superior to younger gamers simply because they've been playing games in general longer.

  14. #850412014-12-02 17:30:06Jacek said:

    Sort of. Except I refuse to become some obese monstrosity with age nor lose my skills. If I talk shit to younger players it's because they're shit.

  15. #850282014-12-02 09:51:21Ragnaroklulz said:

    I'm personally not a fan of those who are fake im also not a fan of those who cannot keep their emotions in control and those who send mixed signals or those who will translate what i said.

    example A:I say i find some traits of football would fall into what i personally believe belongs in the category for homosexuals.person translates that so in his or her mind i said that football in general is homosexual including the players.

    the last one irritates me to some extent due to the fact usually unless i am having a hard time explaining what i am trying to say i am very particular with my words

  16. #850562014-12-02 23:20:10--Jack-- said:

    I hate older people who's only argument is "They've lived longer" so clearly they know better? Clearly that gives them better clarity on an issue? Clearly they automatically are more aware of something than "younger people"?

    Here's the thing... That's Fucking Bullshit

  17. #860602015-01-06 20:15:23Ghostfire101 said:

    I'm not fond of people who are looking for sympathy, and expect it because of how "hard" their life is. No offense but half the time these people look for attention, their lives were the same as everyone else. And normally there is someone else you know who is going through a whole bunch of stuff, but always tries to help others, never ever mentioning what they're going through. I guess I can't help but look at both people and think, "just shut up" when I hear the person begging for attention talk. Honestly, I could care less about your problems and listen to you complain all the time. But when the person who's actually going through stuff always helps people, it makes me want to listen and help them.

  18. #866352015-01-23 20:06:12--Jack-- said:

    Idiotic parents who think vaccines cause autism. Simply put, they don't. Even if they did, an autistic child would way outweigh a child thats at a near constant risk of deathly morons. That being said...they still don't cause autism.

    Gif from "If Google was a person" video by CH.