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Parent: The kind of people u dislike. -___-

  1. #551662013-05-08 14:40:22 *Cenica said:

    *What *you *and

    (Btw I'm pretty sure you can edit that and spell stuff correctly...)

    Really now. Not a big fan of bullies. (I'm usually a pretty quiet person but if I see someone bullying someone else I get really mean, really fast.) Most young celebrities. I mean, you get cash and an awesome job. Why do you have to screw up your image by being an immature brat? Rich high school kids. They're just annoying. Rude people. (If an old lady doesn't have a seat you better damn well give up yours.) Indecisive and immature peers. (You know, make a decision and don't worry too much about what others think. Also quit being a snob to your parents. They didn't have to raise you.)

    Note: I don't hate people so much as I dislike them. (Meaning I don't feel a burning rage towards them just annoyed.) Also there are always exceptions to the rule, so I'm not saying I automatically dislike people who fall into any of these categories.