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Parent: The kind of people u dislike. -___-

  1. #552052013-05-08 22:17:06DarkChaplain said:

    People who try to get everyone to like them. That used to be me and I learned that lesson the hard way.

    IKR?! Though there is a subcategory of that kind - those who force themselves to be nice to everybody, no matter how retarded. Brrrr

    Anyone who presents themselves with superiority, subtle or not, it's just the worst kind of trait to have.

    But... I am superior to most people on this site here. I think they should be told about that fact!

    People who are clearly pricks who claim nobody understands them. Your abrasive personality is why nobody WANTS to give you a chance

    Psssh, I only hate it when people try to misrepresent and misinterpret my words due to their own inability to take them like a man or woman instead of a pussy.

    Anyone who uses the term 'haters'.

    And those who claim people who disagree with them are somehow "trolls". There's a serious case of definition-inflation going on these days...

    The religious. as soon as you reveal to them you don't share their beliefs, they look down on you, which brings me to my second point