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  1. Shingeki no [Spoiler] for people who read ahead

    #552462013-05-09 16:18:32 *9mm said:

    it's a discussion page for people who read ahead and wants to discuss what is happening.

    here are my thought.

    1. there are two types of titans.

    - those who are born with titan abilities - those who are injected with titan abilities, like Allen.

    1. Allen's father is part of the group that created Titans, and he kept the secret for generations.

    2. The King's guard is only the strongest people from the training camp, because they are being injected with titan abilities. And I am sure only the strong can withstand the injection. As you can see all the "failed" titans running around with only the slightest intelligence. As a proof, there are titans that still has memories of their past and can speak very little.

    3. The King is behind the whole evil shit. There is no reason for human/titans, such as Colossus Titan and Armored Titan, to attack the wall otherwise.

    4. The King should be one of the oldest Titans.

  2. #552482013-05-09 17:57:26Paratoxical said:

    My thoughts and questions on this:

    1. What about Connie's village, the one that was destroyed by titans but there were no signs of dead people or that they somehow fled? That one titan in Connie's house reminded him of his mother, but are all villagers there titans? Then why did they all become titans at the same time, that would mean there's some kind of trigger inside the village, because Connie was the only one who didn't change while he was outside of his village.

    2. Do you think that special abilities like armor, jumping or being especially huge are a coincidence, depending on the person? If not, the creators would be able to make a lot more of those stronger titans with special injections.

    3. I don't think that the king is behind all of that. I think it's someone who can act inside and outside of the walls, someone who knows what's going on on both sides. As far as I know the king does not go outside and he doesn't seem to have a messenger supplying him with enough information.

  3. #552542013-05-09 20:40:20DarkChaplain said:

    It is a minor detail compared to your mistakes when making threads about topics you don't have the slightest clue about. Just sayin'.

  4. #552572013-05-09 21:10:309mm said:

    @DarkChaplain how am I suppose to know that from the sentence you gave me lol. should have done @ashka or some shit. you didn't even specify "you" and you replied under my comment.

  5. #552582013-05-09 21:15:17 *9mm said:

    @Paratoxical I forgot to mention about '844' tattoo on Misaka's arm. Her mother said it's some kind of tribal shit. I speculated that the tribe is closely related to titans. So I think special titan abilities are inborn.

    but then again, the mother didn't transform into titan when she got hacked to death. so I am probably wrong.

  6. #552822013-05-10 07:32:00Paratoxical said:

    @9mm Well Mikasa and her mother were the last people of their tribe, and the oriental race in general. Maybe not everyone in that tribe was born with titan abilities, including these two.
    Was there a reason for the disappearance of the tribe mentioned in the manga?

  7. #552842013-05-10 09:35:20hellstorm901 said:


    I didn't think that her tribe was completely wiped out, I thought the point behind her was that due to the story being set in Europe/Eastern Europe then people from Asia were generally a rarity as its difficult to move that distance without being eaten. They wouldn't really have any way to know if everyone everywhere around the world was dead with the lack of advanced communications.


    If Misaka is Chinese or maybe even Japanese then it's possible that numbering on a person is a form of identification. 844 could be her citizen number or family number. But I guess it could have a deeper meaning.

  8. #553072013-05-10 19:20:02awkwardangels said:


    It's just mentioned that Mikasa's Oriental. She's not Chinese, Japanese, or any other Asian race. She isn't called Asian at all in the original Japanese text, just Oriental. She isn't from some silly tribe or anything.

  9. #552922013-05-10 14:36:21Paratoxical said:

    @hellstorm901 Yes that's possible. I just thought that because it was specifically said that they are the last ones maybe a whole group of people from that tribe came to that area. Human traffickers were mentioned, so I thought maybe that's why they became less people over time.