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If you could get a wish....

  1. #557082013-05-16 07:40:05johan_5179 said:

    @deng anything is possible. Know who to avoid and who to trust, help friends, understand enemies so as to counter them effectively (literature course is all about argumentation), be a matchmaker, get the perfect girl... the possibilities are limitless if this is to be applied somewhere other than my own life On a lighter note, I could be Johan Liebert (from Naoki Urasawa's Monster) and manipulate people into doing all kinds of shit for me. I mean, ALL kinds. MUHAHAHAHAHA.

  2. #557202013-05-16 10:06:06DoReMiKaDo said:

    I wish I could visit different places around the World without needing to get on-board a plane. Perhaps, an ability to teleport or fly?

    I would wish for both but if I had to choose either one then I'd choose fly, and perhaps an international citizenship or something so I don't need passports nor visa to visit different places.

  3. #558122013-05-18 12:48:27TheMysteriousSquid said:
    1. "Super Speed", So I could be at different places at the same time. 2. For the Hungry to never run out of food and water. 3.To meet someone right for me and live a happy life together.
  4. #663982013-11-21 01:37:25 *Kittycat said:

    thebladebrownshow.wordpress.com/2013/11/13/lawsuit-paid-in-full-samsung-pays-apple-1-billion-sending-30-trucks-full-of-5-cent-coins this may make you smile :3

  5. #663842013-11-20 19:12:20lightning said:

    I wish that I were more sociable and made friends easily. Because of my shyness, I'm kind of restricted to one group of people, and they're not the greatest. They're cool sometimes, but often leave me out. I see other circles of friends around all the time, and I want to join them, but I never will.

    Alternatively, like other people in this thread, I wish I could find my significant other. Maybe then I would always have someone to go to.

  6. #750822014-05-07 22:47:34Coldu said:

    I would totally wish for some kind of super power...like magick or something...and then slowly and anonymously destroy a few cities and kill lots of people. ʘ‿ʘ

  7. #756582014-05-14 17:45:58lazymusician10 said:

    My three choices for now:

    1. Money to pay off all my tuition for college so I wont have to pay them each month.
    2. My new laptop that I've been asking for, for months.
    3. I trip to the real "Neverland" with Peter Pan, Captain Hook, and the Lost Boys
  8. #759822014-05-17 18:17:28Zyxx23 said:

    All I ever wanted for a long time is the ability to teleport. Yes teleportation, cause I have always wanted to go out and see the world. Pretty ironic since I am a shut in., but that is only because I don't have the means to actually travel to other places. I mean, I have seen everything there is to see in my hometown. So now I want to see new things, go to places I have not been to. With teleportation, I can finally have a means to break out of my shell and travel without anything limiting me or holding me back.