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  1. Nancy the Happy Whore and the Perfidious Petrol Station

    #555402013-05-14 08:35:08 *Kirn said:


    Before you ask - this is a PC game. You won't find it on Steam. I think it's because of the name of the game. And, while being completely sfw, this game does have themes of prostitution (very happy prostitution), drug-use and some gore. So, what is this about really? Let me quote you the description from the site:

    When a travelling lady-of-the-night finds herself running out of fuel on the way to the Big City, she discovers more than she bargained for in this gruesome gas-station. Relying on her wits and the help of her best friend and crack-fiend, Susie the Drug Addict, things start to go from “bad” to “weird” as she must not only find vital fuel for her car, but also put a stop to an armed robbery, defeat an ancient and evil (but extremely polite) cult, and show a young man that becoming a hippy is never the right answer. Can she fulfil the prophecy, and uncover the mystery of – THE PERFIDIOUS PETROL STATION?


    That about sums up the story here. The game is retro-style quest. Well, nowadays they call those games 'adventure' games, but fuck that. This one looks and plays like a quest. Graphics, controls and dialogues feel similar and nostalgic, making you remember all those wacky games like Space Quest or Day of the Tentacle. Which is good, cause noone really makes quests as weird and as pixelated anymore.

    And I do mean weird. Over the course of the game Nancy would have to perform many tasks that aren't usually expected from whores. To leave the gas station she would have to find unknown to people source of fuel, stop the armed robbery and prevent a few very mild and polite cultists from summoning dark and ancient god.


    I personally enjoyed the game very much. It has the right amount of weirdness, which sometimes makes it hard to think of what items to use on what, but not that hard. Story and dialogues were great - I laughed through the whole thing. Every character had her/his own personality which you will love with no exceptions. Design, while heavily pixelated, is very nice. Controls are extremely easy - right click is 'look at' and left click is 'pick up' or 'use' depending on the item. Inventory items are also easy to use and combine (and you would be surprised how many weird items can fit into those skimpy shorts of her). Game plays exceptionally well.

    Now, there are a few downsides to the game, which really don't have anything to do with story or gameplay. The main thing is that the game is extremely short. Moving from one task to the next, you will probably spend from 1 to 2 hours on the whole thing, depending on your familiarity with combining items that logically do not seem to go together. Well, this is to be expected, really, cause this game was made by 1 person and I do think that if the game would be stretched to be long it may have been not so packed with awesome and great stuff. The second problem comes from the first - the price. Right now the game costs €3.99 and I do think that this may be a bit too much for such a short, even if great, experience. Also, yes, I did in fact pirate it. But if you would be interested in playing this - do think about buying the game. Remember, Nancy the Happy Whore has to make a living somehow.