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Parent: PC Gaming Bargain Bin Thread

  1. #555992013-05-14 18:59:45 *DarkChaplain said:

    The Be Mine 8 Bundle is Live!

    Includes for $1:

    For $5 minimum:

    More bonuses to be unlocked.

    Now this bundle I really really like. Not only does it bring you up to speed with Blood Bowl for $5 (Legendary isn't the newest edition, but they share the same online mode and are very much the same, minus 3 new teams that come with Chaos Edition) and a bunch of other nice games.
    Personally, I appreciated Fairy Bloom Freesia - there's a demo available on Steam - since it is a J-Beat 'em Up with a little Fairy girl, ffs!
    Patrician IV is said to be weaker than the 3rd game in the series, but I can't possibly judge that.

    Solid bundle all around, honestly. Pick it up, and sign up for Blood Bowl over here!