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  1. The Aristocrats (Documentary)

    #557352013-05-16 15:45:48 *Kirn said:

    You do not know this, but I used to like telling jokes when I had the opportunity. I still do tell them from time to time. Weird thing, though, is that while Russian jokes have the same setup as English one - with punch-line and all - I usually fail when trying to tell some Russian joke in English. I have no idea why, though. When I try to tell English joke to Russian people - they usually laugh. The whole fucking thing is still a mystery to me, you know. But anyways... I am saying all this to get you a bit more ready for the theme of a documentary I want to write about. A documentary about one single joke.

    So okay, you might already get the basic idea. And let me just tell you right fucking now. The amount of swearing and just pure profanity that most of you would probably not even think to be possible to ever speak of or even to fucking imagine... the pure volume of all the disgusting things that are presented... All the boundaries pushed and shattered... this movie is extremely NSFW. Also - it is fucking great and I am telling you right now - go and watch this! And, as they wrote in credits, 'no animals were fucked during the making of this film', so it's all good clean fun.

    The movie tells us about this single and very creative joke. Mostly you will see hundred of comedians all telling their own versions of the joke, but along the way you will delve a bit deeper into the structure of it, will find about about few interesting facts about it, will learn some history too. Not much, but some. And honestly, you will learn a great fucking deal about creativity, cause the best part of the joke is that it becomes exactly how you make it, how good you yourself are. All you have to really remember is the punch-line.

    Okay, so all that happens in the movie is comedians talking about the joke or telling you the joke. Which may not sound like much, but honestly, you wouldn't believe how diverse and interesting it can be. Also, the first words you would hear in the movie are spoken by George Carlin, so that gives it additional bonus points from me personally. And you can check on imdb how many more great comedians are there. And those are the people who make a living entertaining you by telling things. So you will be properly entertained, I guarantee you that.

    I will stress this again - the things spoken in there are fucking unreal. If you are one of those sensitive people who can't take a really dirty joke - don't even bother. However, if you, like me, like things pushed to their limits and do not bother yourself with nasty little things like political correctness, politeness, basic human decency or even common sense - you will love it. And I do recommend it to you. Trust me, this kind of a joke - you won't hear something like this on the internet.

  2. #560292013-05-21 13:38:06deng said:

    This joke sounds like the chat, about the time it was the busiest. At first it wasn't funny, but after hearing everyone, it was lolwtf

  3. #560332013-05-21 14:49:37Kirn said:

    Yep. Pretty much, when you hear the textbook version, you are like... what? And then it rolls and rolls and you just can't stop laughing in the end.

  4. #560342013-05-21 14:52:42deng said:

    At the start it is like... Okay I can get what's happening, I see the symbolism, but... And then it's like OH, OH, I GET IT, and you can't stop laughing

  5. #564422013-05-26 17:27:24Kirn said:

    Well, to be honest, most of the variants are with incest... It is a family act after all! But the thing is - incest is just a base you make for something really nasty and messed up to come along.