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Parent: End of School Celebrations! (Here comes Summer!)

  1. #557942013-05-18 03:24:34Momimochi said:

    Hey students from all over the World! Today I believe is the last day of school for many of the remaining people who didn't actually get it to end a few weeks ago and so I also believe that today no one should have school anymore until Summer/Fall. Since we're all on the same boat now, I guess it wouldn't be offensive to celebrate now, right?

    Nope. Fuck you guys. My school still be running strong.

    So yeah, celebrate to your hearts content! Maybe you want to write an eulogy to the just-ended semester?

    Fuck you, semesters. Why the hell do you not end yet?

    Or maybe you want to take pity on those stuck on the non-Western educational systems that won't have school end until June?

    Fuck you; last I checked, I'm in Canada. I'm pretty goddamn sure it's a part of the "Western World" with an apparently "renown 'western-educational system'" in the Eastern World.

    Maybe you have plans for the summer? Plans for your life?

    Nothing. As in, I plan to do nothing.

    What you learned this semester?

    This question doesn't even fit in with the topic. Or make sense. It's a fragment at its finest.

    Yeah, just write about whatever you want because YOU deserve it! I mean, if you want to vent then this is your chance! Seriously, let's put aside all the stress and let's talk about YOU. You, you, you!

    To all you people celebrating, fuck you.