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  1. The Greatest Movie Ever Sold (Documentary)

    #558242013-05-18 16:18:17 *Kirn said:

    This is the movie that someone from CL recommended to me. Which really doesn't happen often enough. Few days ago I find @Chou on chat talking about how subtle advertizement messes up with you without even knowing. And she told about this movie, which I watched and I had some good time watching it.


    This is a movie by Morgan Spurlock, and I know the guy from his movie "Super Size Me" where he, while investigating effects of fast-food, committed to eating McDonald's food only for one whole month. So, I knew that the guy liked to pretty much embrace the topic he works with at the time. And yes, here he did the same thing.

    The movie is about product placement in movies. And pretty much the whole movie is this guy working on getting companies to sponsor the movie and doing different product placement. Or talking to lawyers about product placement. Or making image research. Or working on advertisement. Or... well, you get the idea. You won't get any historical information out of this, but you will be able to see the insides of a whole process, which is pretty interesting. Cause we all have an idea, how it all works, but we really do not know the details.

    The movie is smart, informative, interesting and funny. As I said, it shows the inner working or product placement really well. And hell, the big amount of work was made to make the film. Which actually pretty much shows that exact work to make the film... which may be redundant, but not in a bad way. Now, the thing that, I think, was not funny addressed is the actual subtle advertisement in actual movies. That would also be an interesting theme, I think. But still, I enjoyed this movie, and so I do recommend it to you.

    Also, do post your thoughts on products placement in movies. Do you care about it? Do you like or dislike it? Did you buy something because you say it in a movie? Things like that.

  2. #558252013-05-18 16:24:13Eyelids said:

    It's always kind of jarring to see like, a famous and established character holding something like a Pepsi out of nowhere, even if the source material had some funny-named parody drink. :/

  3. #558422013-05-18 20:43:49Rune said:

    Well, I didn't even know what POM Wonderful was until I saw this movie. I bought one just to try it and I can imagine people start buying it regularly because of this movie.

    Whether you know it or not, advertisements influences your life even more than you might think. For example, you wouldn't say your computer is a 2.50 GHz dual core, 8GB of RAM, 500GB of HDD-ed, decent graphics card computer, you'd say it's an Asus, Samsung, Dell, etc.

  4. #558732013-05-19 05:58:41Kirn said:

    Rune, you made both good and bad examples. As Deft pointed out - when talking about PC, you rather talk about specs, not brands.

    But you buying the drink after watching the movie - that's interesting. You had no reasons to buy is except that you saw it in the film. What criteria do you usually use when you go shopping? What do you base your choices on when you are buying anything?

    For me the whole thing is kind of a mystery, really, cause I haven't seen a single commercial for years now, and even if I see something in a movies, I am not interested enough even if we have that product in me country. But if that works for some people, I do want to know, how do you usually pick what to buy.

  5. #558742013-05-19 07:06:46Rune said:


    Well, I usually would buy things that my family would use because that makes things easier for the most part.

    But now and then, I also began to look at the prize, value, as well as product reviews if the product is something that is important enough for me to read a review on. Over time, I also realized that I, myself began to form my own opinion on certain brands and if I needed something, I usually would reflexively grab a particular brand.

    So, as it stands now, I base my choices mostly on my experiences with said brand. I guess you can call this "brand loyalty" but I really won't defend Pepsi over Coke for example even if I am to buy a soda I'd buy Pepsi. But you know, when they first advertised the "Coca-Cola Zero" with zero sugar thing I totally bought one even when I normally wouldn't buy a Coke.

    And that's another thing I base my buying choices: curiosity. Sometimes, things just catch my eye just by its packaging or maybe I saw an ad of it or like the POM thing, saw it in a movie. Of course, this doesn't always work, I'd never for the life of me buy any of the non-pizza fast food junk they advertise on TV for example.

    I think personally, in your case, you're mostly basing your choices more on experience than the curiosity aspect. Which is quite understandable since I myself would rarely go into the curiosity realm unless it's really necessary. But sometimes, I just get bored with what I always buy, you know, and so I might shift that hand from the usual Strawberry Pop-Tart I always buy to the Cinnamon one (which was yuck! will never buy again! F-------)