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  1. Minecraft World: Haunted Mansion Escape

    #558522013-05-18 23:03:07 *--Jack-- said:

    This Thread is DEAD. But I have revised a couple things in the map. The above link is OUTDATED.

    New Updated Map Download

    http://thecolorless.net/uploads/27569/vs_original.png Here's a thing you may like to play. Download from the above link. I made a Mansion in Minecraft. The world is a super flat preset of snowy weather and pine trees in every direction. You're trapped inside and need to escape.

    You need a Lever to open the front doors and leave. Find it. http://thecolorless.net/uploads/27569/vu_original.png IMPORTANT SH!T YOU NEED TO KNOW:

    ---The cheats are turned off. You'll need to mod if you want to mess with anything.

    ---The game is in Adventure mode, meaning you can't break sh!t unless you have the right tools. Don't be cheating and dig your way out!

    ---I'm not sure if I made it easy or hard...But look thoroughly to find information.

    ---There's only one weapon available while trapped inside the mansion.

    ---made for creepyness on peaceful or easy mode, with the brightness set to "moody".

    If you play it, tell me what you think. http://thecolorless.net/uploads/27569/vv_original.png



  2. #559102013-05-20 01:22:54 *Aerosin said:

    I'll download it now and try it, edit later about what I think.

    EDIT: I finished the map, so here are my impressions: First you misspelled "you're" in the intro, second I think that it was too easy and too short. Final judgement: I liked the map.

  3. #561042013-05-22 14:15:32--Jack-- said:

    I do make maps for an entertaining purpose mre than difficulty...I suffer when it comes to making a hard map. And I should check the spelling more. Here's another map I've considered posting for anyone who bothers to look here:

  4. #618892013-08-02 04:37:52Acedia said:

    I played the map, it is entertaining, but quite short. Once I realized I could break paintings in adventure mode it was rather simple. I enjoyed the little easter egg of the chest full of gold bars in the study. I started playing your Desert World RPG map, and I like it so far, it is a lot longer then this map so that is good. I will post a full review once I finish it.

  5. #619052013-08-02 10:16:38Kid said:

    Dear jack, please do not post another minecraft thread on CL. thank you.


    Most of the Colorless members are adults.

    and most adults don't play minecraft.

    Actually, most people who play Minecraft are 10 or younger, that is people who play it every day and talk about it, all, the,fucking,time. i can understand some casual things people like about Minecraft but lets face it most of the players are 10

    It's actually quite obvious if you look at it. Look at the contents of the forum for a second. If you look past the shallow LoL and Minecraft threads-kirn

    he is implying that either the forum structure is very very bad, OR, he is saying

    Invalid topic.

    i'm not saying you have to make a thread that every one likes but....... instead of making a random thread and making the front page full of....that.....

    in conclusion, instead of making a thread about it just send the link to some people you know play minecraft.

  6. #619792013-08-02 21:09:59hellstorm901 said:

    I'm 20 and I sometimes play Minecraft.

    Wanna take a swing at me about being a kid because this Navy applicant will kick your ass.

  7. #619072013-08-02 10:35:15 *DarkChaplain said:



    Most of the Colorless members are adults



    most people who play Minecraft are 10 or younger False. 10 year olds can't even pay for the game without their parents' help. Yes, kids play Minecraft, they wouldn't they. But to call them the target audience or the biggest part of the playerbase is both naive and incredibly stupid.


    he is implying that either the forum structure is very very bad, OR, he is saying

    He is saying that the threads are unpopular, and could easily be handled differently.
    Considering @--Jack-- has created a Hub Thread for Minecraft threads, and keeps it updated, I don't see anything wrong with him presenting mods. I might have a single Texture Pack thread rather than several, one for each pack, but that is not the point.


    Invalid topic.

    If this thread, or the others, were unacceptable, staff would have shut them down by now. We do not need kids interpreting what @Kirn said to do our work for us. Well, maybe Ren would have needed it, but not those who are still left and active.


    i'm not saying you have to make a thread that every one likes but.......

    How about YOU make a good thread for a change, instead of, y'know, telling others what not to post?


    instead of making a random thread and making the front page full of....that.....

    But it is not full of Minecraft threads. And oh look, this one here actually attracted some users to post, even before you came here to bitch about Minecraft threads being child's play.


    in conclusion, instead of making a thread about it just send the link to some people you know play minecraft.

    ...and enjoy the forum being just as devoid of activity as ever? Anyway, who the hell made you a moderator?

    You have TWO PAGES OF POSTS! TWO. Over FIVE MONTHS. I find it hilarious that you, who never actually uses the forum for anything productive, come here to lecture @--Jack-- on what and what not to post.

  8. #619082013-08-02 10:43:54DarkChaplain said:

    By the way, I play Minecraft on and off, and know plenty of users in their late teens and twenties who play it as well. I know more of those than 10 year olds, actually.

    Minecraft has no target age group. It builds on creativity, nostalgia and its simple core concept, which is accessible to kids and old grumps alike.

  9. #619142013-08-02 12:54:24DarkChaplain said:

    Well, of course I am proud. I managed to format my post without first asking @Kirn for approval on chat.
    Though I don't know what kind of argument you're trying to make now. I pointed out the flaws in your post, and instead of responding with a post trying to back your opinions up, you deflect the topic to... whatever this right now is supposed to be.

  10. #619162013-08-02 13:55:55Kirn said:

    Now, that's unexpected. I created a thread about something else entirely, and the quote from that thread is used to start a full-on argument on a totally different thread.

    Epic win.

  11. #619392013-08-02 16:40:05--Jack-- said:


    Quit being a butt on my thread. Let me take something you like and claim it's worthless. You must have no grasp of anything other than yourself. I've read posts from people quitting minecraft for a while "Because they are having kids". Seriously, when did you see this post ever turning out well for you?

  12. #619432013-08-02 16:54:00DarkChaplain said:

    Don't worry, he's got absolutely no clue what he's talking about.

    but. minecraft is indeed a kids game
    because they make kids games
    and that is one of them
    i dont know of any of mojangs other games so i dont have any comment
    when i said they made kids games
    i was not referring to mojang
    i was referring to all game makers

    See? This kid is as uninformed and stupid as they come.