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Parent: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold (Documentary)

  1. #558732013-05-19 05:58:41Kirn said:

    Rune, you made both good and bad examples. As Deft pointed out - when talking about PC, you rather talk about specs, not brands.

    But you buying the drink after watching the movie - that's interesting. You had no reasons to buy is except that you saw it in the film. What criteria do you usually use when you go shopping? What do you base your choices on when you are buying anything?

    For me the whole thing is kind of a mystery, really, cause I haven't seen a single commercial for years now, and even if I see something in a movies, I am not interested enough even if we have that product in me country. But if that works for some people, I do want to know, how do you usually pick what to buy.