"I used to have a life before The Colorless"

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Parent: Songs inspired by games. For gamers from gamers.

  1. #560312013-05-21 14:45:19Kirn said:
    @ninryu for speaking to retards - yes, there is such need, it seems. If you wanna be a mindless dick and push forward your touhou obsession - how about adding translation to lyrics? Or you don't mind listening to and giving to others songs that they would not fucking understand as long as there is a touhou character there somewhere? If your next post here is as dumb as all the previous - I will flag it as spam and then I will commit to fucking up the things you would try to start.

    PS. Also, you are unimaginative fuck. Even I know a Bad Apple version that is ways more creative than the shit you are posting.

    PPS. Follow DC's example. See, he posts descriptions and lyrics. He even puts in some links! He is typing! Is it too hard for you to do the same?