"I used to have a life before The Colorless"

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Parent: Songs inspired by games. For gamers from gamers.

  1. #560552013-05-21 17:28:58ninryu said:

    @Kirn It seems that you are either troll or completely retarded, maybe both. Bushing at other people's liking like that without any reason whatsoever.

  2. #560852013-05-22 08:56:59Kirn said:

    (well, I waited 12+ hours, now let's continue)

    @ninryu you are the one who can't or refuse to read, and you call me retarded? Yeah, okay. However, hey, we are making progress - on your third post you didn't post any crap video. You might yet be trained properly. And about what other people like - I don't give a fuck what you like if you post on me thread something that doesn't belong. You wanna post touhou arrangements? Make a fucking thread for it and knock yourself out. But no, you decided to be a mindless faggot and post that here. Well, you fuck up, now own up to it or piss off.

    Oh, and before you start going about touhou haters. I actually like the games. I just do not like you and your crap. Do you know that "Cirno math class" would have been perfectly good for this thread? No. Did you even tried to think about it what would have been good here? Fuck no. Should you go and kill yourself? Fuck yes!

  3. #561662013-05-23 08:03:10Kip said:


    do not instigate anymore fights. you aren't a child. when something bothers you, walk away from the situation or ignore it.

    if you have an issue with Kirn i suggest taking this conversation to somewhere more private. if i see you post something negative here again and further deteriorate the topic of the thread, i will remove your post. one of your posts has already been flagged. do not let this happen again.

    you were given directions about how/what to post in this thread, and regardless if you liked the way you were approached about it or not, you have to follow those rules.

    and @Kirn

    please try to also ignore ninryu if they continue to instigate you. if there are anymore issues, please use the flagging system again and i will handle the problem.