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Xbox One - All You Need to Know (in order to convert to PS or PC)

  1. #596642013-06-19 23:06:38 *someone said:

    At least they're backtracking now as opposed to going full sail ahead and potentially flop spectacularly. It probably has helped slow down the backlash from the consumers, but we won't really know the full extent of how much E3 has damaged their reputation (if at all) until the sales start coming in at the end of the year.

  2. #596782013-06-20 07:24:57Kirn said:

    Good news for those who would buy the damn thing. However, they totally buggered up the first impression, and now I honestly do not believe those bastards no more. If they really do that, remove some of the bad things - good. But most people would probably remember that at first they openly tried to fuck you in the ass.

  3. #596862013-06-20 09:28:52Trisak said:


    1. People have requested the possibility to give away games they don't want to play anymore to friends, which they can't, so no, they don't love them for that.
    2. I don't love Steam... So you want to play your Skyrim, single player game? Too bad, you no haz internet... why didn't you just buy it outside of steam? oh right, we forgot, we didn't sell it outside of steam. And our Offline mode requires you to login first, cuz it's been too long. Weeee.

    This argument is hereby invalid (if it wasn't already). Have a nice day ^_^

    PS. Steam has done 1 good thing for me once yes, so I don't hate it. That doesn't mean I like it either though. I was kinda forced to use it.