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  1. #561662013-05-23 08:03:10Kip said:


    do not instigate anymore fights. you aren't a child. when something bothers you, walk away from the situation or ignore it.

    if you have an issue with Kirn i suggest taking this conversation to somewhere more private. if i see you post something negative here again and further deteriorate the topic of the thread, i will remove your post. one of your posts has already been flagged. do not let this happen again.

    you were given directions about how/what to post in this thread, and regardless if you liked the way you were approached about it or not, you have to follow those rules.

    and @Kirn

    please try to also ignore ninryu if they continue to instigate you. if there are anymore issues, please use the flagging system again and i will handle the problem.