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  1. Twitter is an Adventure

    #562752013-05-24 18:05:36 *momo said:

    Tell me about your favorite times on Twitter, and why you like it.

    What is Twitter to you?

    (thinly veiled feature test)

  2. #563412013-05-25 14:48:14momo said:


    It is hardly about status updates. It is a way of communicating with people, a lot o people, in real time. When disasters happen, it is on Twitter instantly. Real information, fom real people. Not bullshit, water-down news.

    If that's not your thing, it is a great way to be linked to cool stuff by the content creators. You favorite musicians, writers, artists; you call follow them all.

    If you don't like that, then use it as a chat room. One where you choose who you want to see in it. Make friends, and hop on there for a grand old time.

    Twitter is an adventure, and it is what you make it. If you want it to be banal status updates, then I am sure there are people you can follow for that stupid shit.

  3. #563512013-05-25 18:50:50TeruShinozaki said:

    I absolutely love Twitter because information is short and concise. I can't possibly be subjected to sit through longass fucking posts unlike on Facebook, because the 140 character limit just simply doesn't allow for anything tl;dr.

    It's also a great way to get updates on anything and everything, from that one friend you creepily stalk, to your favorite celebrity, to the local news. Granted, it may not be the most informative vehicle for more serious matters such as news, but you're informed nevertheless, and almost as soon as it happens too.

    It's also quite entertaining to try to be as witty with your tweets as possible given the restrictions on the format.

  4. #563582013-05-25 19:44:25Paratoxical said:

    i like the occasional quotations and articles in some tweets

  5. #563662013-05-25 21:46:53 *Mau said:
    BILL NYE THO is a riot.

    A source of some pretty good entertainment, not to mention a nice way to look at what some of my favorite artists are up to.
  6. #564022013-05-26 06:45:54momo said:


    You misunderstand what I am getting at. You can follow whomever you want, and get real-time information about any situation. A lot of these things were a lot more cumbersome before Twitter. You could "like" people on Facebook, sure. You could get watered down news of a tragedy a couple hours later, sure. But with Twitter, things are even more connected than they were before.

    That and people like the stuff I say and it makes my ego larger to know that I have 450 people following me without being a content creator or any sort of influential person. That and the ability to selectively choose who I see in my little chatroom of idiocy.

  7. #564762013-05-27 21:50:42 *awkwardangels said:

    Why aren't you following Misha yet.

  8. #564782013-05-27 22:49:08 *Mau said:
    He plays Castiel (a main character) on Supernatural.
    He's become something of a memetic sensation on tumblr and twitter.
    But its mostly exclusive to the Supernatural fandom.
  9. #564872013-05-28 01:07:39momo said:

    It got a chuckle out of me. I think they get more out of it due to likeing the man himself, just like you would with Sips or the other Yogscast guys, @Gargron.

    @DarkChaplain same with TB for you, I guess.