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  1. How Do You Fight Boredom?

    #563882013-05-26 05:26:54 *DarkChaplain said:
    Casual Thread - DC can do those as well!

    Alright, I just caught myself doing completely unnecessary, senseless stuff due to being bored. I knew nothing would come of it, yet I did it anyway, just for the sake of doing anything at all.

    Then I got thinking - I can't be the only one who does weird stuff when bored? So I'd like to ask you, what you do to keep yourselves busy and kick your own boredom in the balls.

    Do you pick up a book, spam stupid shit on Facebook or Twitter, or do you actually go out and socialize (as if...)? Maybe you draw or write or start singing randomly?

    What keeps your boredom away?
    Share your habits and products of boredom!

    The only replies I will not accept on here are things that are blatantly nsfw (yes, I know you people fap a lot, but that ain't interesting to read about) or "chatting on CL" and the likes - that much is obvious.
  2. #563892013-05-26 05:40:26 *DarkChaplain said:

    To start this, aforementioned useless stuff was making this:


    That is how bored I was. I didn't know what to do, but then a new upload in my Youtube feed reminded me that there they put GameMaker Studio onto Steam some time ago, with a free, basic version. I then looked for a short introduction video on Youtube and... made some very basic buttons and decided to do some dumb, basic menu screen.

    I used the opportunity to actually go browse some free sound effects freesound.org because I felt like my buttons needed a clicking-sound, looked through some more resources, and went from there.
    Afterwards I thought that my screen was too empty, so I googled up some images and went with a god-damn balloon and made it move up and down. Then birds for good measure, though I got too lazy to actually randomize their behavior or spawning. It also ain't pretty or anything. Derp. I felt bored, not productive, duh.

    FYI, I probably spent more time looking for bird sprites than putting them onto the screen...

    While the program is really damn simplistic, it is fairly useful for wasting time. And let's be honest, there's only so many hundreds of hours you can spend playing sudoku-esque games over the years...

    I honestly don't know what I'm gonna do with this thing now, but it kinda bugs me that the Play button does jack shit right now. Maybe I should add something interactive that isn't clicking the Quit button to exit the thing? :'D

    But yeah, I guess if you want some basic toying with some simple "game dev" tool, you can do worse with the free version of GameMaker Studio, I think.


  3. #563902013-05-26 05:42:22DoReMiKaDo said:


    I sing randomly if you ask. Especially if it's something really stupidly fast that I can't keep up with it! You know, like certain impossible Miku songs or some unintelligible French rap music.

  4. #563912013-05-26 05:48:01Decae said:

    I don't have time to be bored. I'm too busy procrastinating.

    To be completely honest I don't get bored often in times when I don't have all these deadlines. However, when I am it's less of a "I'm gonna do weird shit" and more of a "I'm too bored to move right now". If I don't have anything in particular that I have to do, I just decide to learn a new skill or something, like juggling or playing the piano or reading about that one dude who patented red soles on shoes.

  5. #563962013-05-26 06:04:14DarkChaplain said:

    Next time I feel this bored I am gonna do this birdshitdodging game for really realsies. I've got it all sketched out inside my head already... :'D

  6. #563972013-05-26 06:12:29Kirn said:

    For me fighting boredom depends on a setting.

    For example, if I am just going somewhere, I usually walk. And I got no items to entertain me while I'm walking, so I usually sing along the way.

    When I am near PC, I usually have access to internet. I actually have a decent amount of sites to do things on when I got free time, but when I am really bored I go to CL chat to poke fun at other unlucky lifeless motherfuckers.

    If the power is out for whatever reason, but I am at home, I read a book.

    If nothing from above applies, I sleep or, if sleeping in that setting would not be acceptable, talk to the nearest human.

    I never organize anything when I am bored. I plan events like this beforehand.

  7. #564032013-05-26 06:50:22momo said:

    I generally start a new project, or pick up work on an old one. It can be something simple like installing some cool new thing, or as convoluted as starting a personal wiki and just spamming all kinds of info into it. I don't get bored too often anymore, though. My current job has me on call 16 hours a day, 7 days a week. Those other 8 are usually spent sleeping. I always have something to do, whether it be a website to work on, a Gunpla to build, a programming language to learn, or a house to clean.

    Never a dull moment.

  8. #564042013-05-26 07:02:31 *johan_5179 said:

    I usually play a crossover game in my head, ie. I take a character, put him/her in a different show and think about how they would interact with the characters in that show Ex - Spike Spiegel in Black Lagoon, Johan Liebert in Gankutsuou (replacing Mondego). Revy/Levy in Madoka Magica(!!). I cant say that I am very successful in making very interesting things up but then again I am bored and not feeling excessively creative. I have to say that it can yield some interesting results though. But Johan will always win. (even in Gotham) [JOHAN LIEBERT IS THE ONE TRUE GOD ]

  9. #564092013-05-26 08:35:19Paratoxical said:

    I'm one of those people who start singing really stupid shit with a really stupid voice, but that's only the case when boredom makes me too lazy to do anything relevant.
    I usually fight boredom by reading, drawing, annoying other people or learning a language (currently Polish).

  10. #564102013-05-26 08:38:36Kuroba_Loki said:

    Depends on my location actually (yes, even someone as great as me gets bored now and then :3)

    If I'm at home, I usually complete games that I haven't done yet.

    If I'm somewhere like a mall, I usually look for the arcade and beat everyone playing tekken.

    But none of these matters when I have my little black notebook, if I do, I spend my time writing nonsense stories about wew and such, drawing nonsense characters and giving them backgrounds and the like, I even write poetry there, if you can call it poetry xD

    As I talk about it...I'm quite creative


  11. #564132013-05-26 09:32:46TheMysteriousSquid said:

    I sit around Singing dumb shit that I think is catchy aha. (Yeah my music sucks to other people) Playing Mortal Kombat (I did spell it right) and whooping every one's ass online is fun too aha. I love to Skateboard and Doodle stick guys fighting (Don't judge). I do write stories on my Laptop and play Golden Sun on it. If I'm at the mall (Arcade when I get the chance). I practice on my Guitar and I go on Skype. Wow I do interesting stuff... :3

  12. #564212013-05-26 12:52:56megumi-tan said:

    When bored, the first thing I do most of the time is find a book to read, and I always have a book handy. If I have the option, I will listen to some music and go for a run or just to the gym until its time for me to do something. Technicality when I'm at the gym I'm still pretty bored, but at least I'm getting something done I guess. Other things include drawing, playing instruments, and writing, which take up a lot of my free time.

    I also have my tumblr to go to but wouldn't you know I spend time on it when something actually needs to be done. Like that 3 weeks of school work over there that's due in 12 hours

  13. #564292013-05-26 13:55:40 *Truchie said:

    How do I fight boredom you ask? When I am bored and am at home alone, I just go to the piano room and burst out in singing with my dog. If I am anywhere else... I just go run around until I find something. But then again, I usually am not bored!

  14. #564332013-05-26 15:42:19awkwardangels said:

    I usually draw, listen to music, watch TV or a movie, or play video games.

    Lately I've been painting a lot. Painting is actually really calming and calms my mind from any stress. I recommend high stress people to paint!!!

  15. #564402013-05-26 17:19:53LYT said:

    I Sing, or Draw .. Or just sleep. Or Think many things. Watching TV, or ... Shit, I just noticed that a big part of my life is about sleeping llorz.

  16. #564472013-05-26 21:10:30judar said:

    When I'm bored I normally end up drawing until I get frustrated enough that I close the program/put the pen down! After this point, the only entertaining thing left is learning which involves generally reading about Very Useless Subjects such as UK Laws on Swiss Army Knives and Oprah Winfrey; If all else fails - sleep. Sleeping is gr8.

  17. #564492013-05-26 21:52:24Mau said:
    I lay down and stare at a wall and proceed to do so for 3 days straight.

    No, but really I listen to music and maybe play a game, or sometimes do drawing warm ups, like gesture drawing. Sometimes I take a nap if the boredom kinda gets to a point where I'm left physically exhausted from it.
    Usually when I wake up I feel refreshed enough to think of something to do.
    Also studying for schoolwork.
    Studying works.
  18. #564602013-05-27 12:33:55archangel said:

    By stripping naked and punching the lights out of boredom.

    Aside from that I usually read, play games, go to reddit, memebase, facebook, correct badly constructed sentences and grammar on twitter, go on 4chan, window shop at the steam store, stare at the ceiling, watch anime, watch doctor who, watch game of thrones, troll my highschool buddies on tumblr and facebook, lie on the internet, watch porn, fap to porn, feel bad about fapping to porn because of some Christian moral values, troll Christians by posting god without the capital "G", go on colorless, and listen to music while doing all that except when I'm watching videos.

    That's about it, any questions?