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How Do You Fight Boredom?

  1. #564692013-05-27 19:41:33 *jkripper123 said:

    I send a wordy hatemail to some celebrity. I research about different viruses I can send to people to piss them off and play games on my pc. I can't fall asleep when I'm bored because I feel uber uncomfortable and restless. I lock my dogs outside because they always bump my arm while I'm typing or drawing. But it's hard to fit much in since I work three jobs a day most of the time

  2. #565332013-05-28 15:32:03 *Cloud-VK said:

    Huh If I’m not spending time on here, or checking out the old site. I might be searching for any normal people on drrr chat, checking to see if any of the magna I like updated on tenmagna, trolling at a mall, winning a fight somewhere over something that came out of my mouth, reading, drawing, loitering, napping, looking at porn, getting caught looking at porn, laughing about getting caught looking at porn, debating about spreading some half true nasty rumors at school, swimming, working out, talking to the imaginary people that live in my head. Nothing much.

  3. #566772013-05-30 10:20:01Dec said:

    I usually reenact titantic with my cat. I also like gathering up all the weird shit I can find in the house and make a sculpture in my bedroom.
    I make noises if its too quiet when I'm bored I go onto the korean or middle-eastern channels on the tv and make up my own dialog. I make tea. I lie on the floor and think but I usually just end up singing out a musical I watch movies. I go outside for a walk and end up befriending cats. I go to the shop and buy a new fancy mug. I make carrot people and then kill them. I also like gardening when bored.

  4. #566872013-05-30 11:25:17Taro_Tanako said:

    @Dec my parental units probably have a different threshold for odd behaviour. I get frowned at for vivisecting gummy bears and swapping their parts around to create new and interesting ones.

  5. #575252013-06-04 21:13:55Lillith said:

    HARVEST MOON! ...or write a book... XD Also, now that I found this site, I'll probably be on here more often, however, is there a way to change my username? I made it a few years ago and I refound this site today and well... T^T I really want to change my username.... XD