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  1. Entertainment industry wants to blow up your computer for piracy.

    #565242013-05-28 14:33:15 *Kirn said:

    Do you remember back in the day we had FBI warnings on movies? Especially if you remember the age of VHS, that shit was there right before every movie. They promised to fine and jail you if you copy the movie without permission. And noone gave a shit about those warnings, because really, everyone knew that FBI simply does not have manpower to even care about you copying a movie. And what would they do if you are not in USA? Cooperate with CIA to nail your ass?

    Well, those were good days, and I do feel nostalgic about it. But these days we really don't have to be concerned with FBI (not that we were before) doing something to you. We have to think about business interest doing horrible things to you.

    US entertainment industry to Congress: make it legal for us to deploy rootkits, spyware, ransomware and trojans to attack pirates!

    Yes! This commission wants to make it so every licensed downloadable product would come with pretty much computer viruses that would watch over you and, if you won't be using the licensed version, they would block your PC to make you call the cops and confess about your crime. Even more, ideally they want to make those programs just skip the call to cops part and just destroy all the information on your computer cause you pirated mIRC client.

    How do you like that? And let me be perfectly clear - I am not even starting the debate about pirating. I do pirate my games and movies, but that's not the point here. The point here is that these people sent this proposition to US government. 84-pages of the report. Which I might even read on weekends when I have me some free time finally. And if something like that would ever pass, immediately you will know that you - yes, you there, honest person who buys all his downloadable things - will receive product that is rigged to delete your files. I mean, yeah, it would have no reason to. But would you want to know that it can and you yourself, knowingly, downloaded it?

    Here's the reddit discussion, and I will quote one comment from there which pretty much fits this whole situation very well:

    The good news is that the pirated copies of games and movies would have the root kits stripped out of them. You are safe as long as you never buy a legitimate copy of anything ever again.

    So there you go. Business interest people are sending to US congress requests to allow them to fuck you up using more criminal methods than the ones they are fighting against. I think we can celebrate the final loss of any kind of morality on this issue from any and all sides of it.

  2. #565292013-05-28 14:46:06johan_5179 said:

    "The good news is that the pirated copies of games and movies would have the root kits stripped out of them. You are safe as long as you never buy a legitimate copy of anything ever again" Suits me :)

  3. #565302013-05-28 15:06:47Ecstasy said:

    imagine the possibilities for subscription based products! "your subscription expired? you still haven't paid us? welp, too bad, no PC for you"

  4. #565552013-05-29 02:32:08 *Mau said:

    Extremely skeptical of its passing.

    Inb4 petition on Whitehouse.gov, and all the tumblr/twitter fags shit themselves over it like its the end of the world.

  5. #565802013-05-29 17:33:59 *real said:

    @Kirn I do miss the good old times ... back when no shit was given .Now I can never step out of my house without worrying I would get sued over something ridiculous.

  6. #566002013-05-29 19:26:28Kirn said:

    Well, you have to understand, that while you are being watched at all steps of your life journey, you are still a human with some rights. Propositions like this, while they have no immediate effects, create precedents. And precedent here is being the whole idea of 'if someone steals from me, I can fuck him up my own way'.
    You know, I think we are slowly going towards the classic cyberpunk future where in the end corporations have more power than countries. We are not there right now, but we are going there.

  7. #566122013-05-29 20:38:26warox said:

    i don't care what they do there is always a way around it. and it will always be loop holes found within hours...

  8. #569602013-06-01 23:37:00hellstorm901 said:

    This won't happen quite simply because of the most core principle.

    The internet is the World Wide Web (www) no one nations government has the legal authority to enforce its own nations laws and regulations on the internet if that infringes or violates another nations. Now this generally doesn't include internet suppression or censorship because that is the government limiting the access to content without actually removing or disrupting the source of the content, however, any action such as putting Virus tools into a program intended to be downloaded by US citizens but which would also potentially be downloaded by UK citizens I'm pretty sure would violate our British Communications Act and also potentially breach European Law as the US would be exercising jurisdiction over the English web without legal authority to do so.

    Another issue regarding this is Europol, that is the European Unions internal Police force which exists for a variety of functions one of which is the protection of data from unlawful access. If the US were to initiate some type of policy where data could be deleted if a person was suspected of being a pirate and that person was inside Europe then it would again be an extrajudicial action against a European Union member protected by EU Law and especially given that these types of tools are used by organisations Europol is currently engaged in a cyber war to fight it could potentially have any branch of the US state or any company in the US using the tools branded as a criminal by the EU.