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  1. Trev Teaches League of Legends

    #565392013-05-28 18:04:57 *Trev said:

    Hi guys.

    For those of you who don't know me, I'm Trev, and I'm executive director of Zeon Federated LTD UK, the company that owns The Colorless.

    I'm here to advertise my services to those of you who haven't played League of Legends or are below level 30 in the game. I want to teach you how to play!

    I have several accounts ranging from levels 5 to 30 on both NA and EUW servers and I can pair up for matchmaking with you to help you understand the game and teach you things about item builds, runes, masteries, and much more.

    Please post in this thread with your summoner name and level or send me a PM if you would like to play with me or have me watch your game replays. Additionally I can write you a personalized list of things to do to get better.

    Note: other level 30 players who would like to teach people how to play or advertise their skill at the game, thanks but no thanks. Please don't post here.

  2. #568012013-05-31 13:22:35 *B1U3 said:

    IGN - CersiN

    Level - 14

    Server - NA

    I'm not that great. Darius is my best champion. In terms of skill, I'd say I'm a little below average.

  3. #584922013-06-10 19:26:36Wolfangle said:

    .w. downloading this now...once again since the beta. Hopefully i can understand it this time, with the help of you guys.

  4. #618762013-08-01 15:32:25Trev said:

    I would also like to reiterate that this service is free and entirely for fun. I will not carry your ranked games <_<

  5. #618922013-08-02 05:53:42Trev said:


    I will be having a game clinic for new to level 29 players Friday, August 2 (today) at 7pm EST. Please add Trevatos to your friends list if you have not already. I will be taking questions and hosting custom games to teach mechanics, tricks, and item builds.