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  1. How To Survive Zompocalypse?

    #566862013-05-30 11:22:52Taro_Tanako said:


    So, I've been re-watching HoTD and kinda freaking out my sister with end of the world scenarios (cos I got bored of revising and being stuck inside on a rainy day). We came up with all sorts of stupid stuff but I like day dreaming about this and how life changes in these live or die situations.

    My initial thoughts were:

    Find a weapon - for me swords are a natural fit but I only have fencing swords which are kind of useless. Cricket bats are ok but can fall apart easily with lots of use. I finally went for a good solid baseball bat as nothing much can go wrong with that and they're mostly easy to find. Also, a crowbar or axe as backup since they can be used as tools for gaining entry to places. My sister wanted a garden fork or a chainsaw but I think that would get stuck quickly or run out of gas.

    Protective clothing - leather biker jacket and army boots are my top choices. It's not my style but you need to protect yourself from those nasty bites to the army and ankles and stay warm.

    Utility - Definitely a really good torch or lamp. When it gets dark you're screwed unless you can see the enemy. Plus hiding in doors will be dark when the power goes off.

    So I reckon the rules are - 1 weapon choice, some clothing, 2 utility items. Be realistic about how you get them (it's probably kind of easier in the US where they have lots of hunting stuff in stores).

    What is your strategy for survival CL? Please share so I can steal your ideas if the world becomes over run by the undead.

  2. #566882013-05-30 13:10:50johan_5179 said:

    Weapons - Axe, Sledgehammer, Shotgun(last resort)

    Clothes - Leather Jacket, Trekking boots

    Utility - Swiss army knife (because its cool), Screws Screwdrivers (better than hammer or nails for boarding shit up), Knife (I mean an awesomely huge serrated knife), Whetting stone.



  3. #566912013-05-30 14:58:50 *Cenica said:

    Weapons: Baseball bat. (For some reason my mom has a baseball bat hung up in the barn. :D) Really at my house there's not a shortage...: shovel, pitchfork, giant chisel thing, saw, metal rake...etc. My older brother has a rifle. There are plenty of knives in the kitchen. But I think I'd prefer the baseball bat. Seems the most fun.

    Clothing: Carhart Jacket: warm and protective. (It's a farmer thing I guess.) Blue jeans and my leather Ariat laceup boots. Also leather gloves wouldn't be a bad thing.

    Utility: Does a backpack count? Because who wants to carry any of this stuff with their hands? Tarp, rope, matches... Flashlight would be nice as long as the batteries lasted. If I can only pick two. I'd pick the backpack and the tarp I can scavenge for other stuff later and keep it in the back pack and use the tarp to make temporary shelter. (i.e. covering it with leaves and sleeping under it or such.) http://lolimage.com/img/ups/64898852131332498073.jpeg

  4. #566982013-05-30 16:18:22Taro_Tanako said:

    @Cenica Sometimes I think a zombie situation might be far better for my life than trying to live it normally. Ho hum..I guess we're all a bit adrenaline crazed weirdos who'd be better off in some crazy ass lord of the flies setting!

  5. #567002013-05-30 16:25:36 *Cloud-VK said:

    Probably true about that. @Taro_Tanako

    but It’s hard to tell till we find ourselves in a similar situation. Although I’m not big on pork or Simon, so in that situation I’d just eat a coconut.

  6. #566962013-05-30 16:13:26 *Cloud-VK said:
    1. Don’t panic

    2. Establish a base camp and establish these things: perimeters, security, entrances, exits, vantage points, resources, possible transport, fuel supply, communication, time, and nearest supply sources. Also I would set traps tons of traps. Practical pitfalls, foot catchers, snares, spiked log swings, planks, self shooter based traps, and what the hell a moat too. Correctly placed as well, there’s no point in setting up a trap that won’t hit anything.

    3. Arm self from head to toe, I wouldn’t use anything excessively heavy, and I would range my close quarter weapons in length. Pitch fork, shovel, scythe, ax, pick, maul, bat, crow bar, 3” wrench, sword, machete, hatchet, mallet, ball point hammers, 8” knifes. However that’s only as far as non fire arm weapons go. Fire arms carry at least one pump action shotgun, long ranged rifle automatic or bolt action preferably, minimum of two pistols but no revolvers unless said revolver is shotgun shell based or multi functional. Guns run out of ammo though and in a pinch reloading may just get you killed, so I put more stress on the hand to hand and fire arms for a use at a safe distance.

    4. I say light weight like a tank top, cargo pants, and boots, because I think that would be essential in something like this.

  7. #566992013-05-30 16:22:09Taro_Tanako said:

    I think backpack has to be a given. Gotta carry all that looted useful crap yo!

    I reckon firearms are a drawback really. They make a lot of noise and will get you into real trouble in the city (draw attention from the evil brain eating masses!).

    Run to the countryside. Lower the population then the less risk I think. That kinda sucks here in the UK cos everything is so close. I suppose it's also only a matter of time before powerstations and nuclear reactors go offline..

  8. #567032013-05-30 17:16:55 *Mau said:
    1.) Don't be dumb enough to use HoTD as reference, trust no shit where breasts refuse to follow the laws of gravity.

    2.) Use a sword and you're royally fucked. Keep distance, do not fight unless you have to, this is not about being a hero, its about saving your neck. Who the fuck do you think you are? Swords are needlessly heavy, and sharpening them is a dick and a half.
    So stick with a bat, nail bat if you've got the time, a gun is optional.

    3.) Don't weigh yourself down are you high? Keep it light and simple, take only what you need, nothing that you don't. Rations, a jacket, tools, not a god damn armory.

    4.) Shoot yourself in the head.

    5.) Realize the truth

    6.) Wake up in your own room, realizing this was all a bad dream

    7.) Burn every single copy of zombie media in your home.

    8.) Get killed by a Licker.

  9. #567072013-05-30 18:16:23 *hellstorm901 said:

    I'd go with the common sense approach, loot the local police station for Riot gear and with the way the Police in my area work there should be a gun or two in there or in one of the cars. Then just seal in the Police station as the only way is a huge reinforced gate. To top it all off the Police station was build behind a church so if your zombies are of some religious Resurrection crap you can pretty much enter the churches back door.

    Police really is the way to go when you think about it. Police equipment and vehicles are designed to be used against people with sharp objects (Or teeth) and their vehicles especially the Riot van will be in their familiar nature when charging a mob of zombies.

    See (28 Days Later) http://i468.photobucket.com/albums/rr47/Browning35/28Days-Later-Brendan-Gleeson-Riot-G.jpg

    On the note of the HoTD picture. Quite frankly if girls expect to survive the Zombie Apocalypse don't dress like a slut trying to appease the fourth wall.

  10. #567162013-05-30 19:15:35Mau said:

    But its the fourth wall that made them do it, so its the fourth walls fault for having no common sense or sense of reality.

  11. #567312013-05-30 20:25:33hellstorm901 said:

    I know, I know. The characters actually are hot and for the girl with the sword her outfit is somewhat practical for not limiting her movement with a blade.

    But Armour still is the way to go kinda like how the Umbrella soldiers dressed in the Resident Evil film. All that heavy Armour and biking style padding is a very good idea for zombies.

  12. #567372013-05-30 20:51:00hellstorm901 said:

    Armour really is the best way to go even if it is uncomfortable.

    Umbrella PMC Armour (Resident Evil) http://www.imfdb.org/images/d/d4/REEXBeretta.jpg

    British Tactical Support Group Armour (Real life duh) http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2011/08/10/article-2024203-0D62603C00000578-601_470x1150.jpg

    DDS Soldier Armour (Doomsday) http://www.imfdb.org/images/8/8d/DD_NeosteadElevatorA.jpg

  13. #567472013-05-30 22:06:06 *Mau said:
    Armor is a good choice, so long as it doesn't hinder movement, also you need to know how to wear it, and have the strength and endurance to run around in it for long periods of time.
    In situation like a Zombie Apocalypse, restricted leg movement is a death sentence.
    The dead don't have to worry about exhaustion, they don't even breathe probably.
    You do though, so if you don't have the strength for running around in armor, skip it and keep it light.
    Some padding might be good in vulnerable areas such as the vital areas, where a bite could rupture something, but nothing excessive.
    The key is getting the hell out of dodge, not fighting them to the last one.
    Its not about discomfort, so much as its about keep movement unrestricted.
    Keeping everything in the medium, not too much, but not too little will win out in the end.
    You don't need robocop armor, the forearm, neck and thigh guards as well as the gloves will suffice.

    Zombies also tend to work in numbers, so its best that you high tail it instead of trying to take them down, clip them if you have to, but don't put all your focus into killing them, because like grey hairs; take one down and five more replace it. Not worth it, and your ammo/resources are limited.
    But hey, its all about preference, do what you think will ensure your survival.
    Not to mention this is a totally hypothetical situation that really has no weight after all.
  14. #567482013-05-30 22:11:13Cenica said:

    I think some of you people are getting to heavy. If zombies chase us and I ACTUALLY DO trip you. I don't think you're getting back up...

  15. #567512013-05-30 22:12:45 *Mau said:
    Pretty much my whole point.
    If you're weighed down, and you fall...
    You're gonna be a dead duck in water.
  16. #568462013-05-31 23:05:45Littlefootroserocker said:

    Who the hell am I kidding. I would probably just jump into the car with my pajamas still on and smash though the walls of a store and get life time food supplies and then return home and start reenforcing the house.

  17. #568472013-05-31 23:16:46hellstorm901 said:

    To be honest we technically know how people would react in a Zombie/Viral outbreak as it's been tested/shown in a number of games

    World of Warcraft had an incident in which apparently some players could contract a debuff of some sorts which was contagious to other players. It was meant to be confined to a dungeon and only affect the party participating however a glitch meant it hit the whole server and this led to an interesting scenario where players not wishing for their characters to contract the debuff fled to less populated areas whilst some players who had the debuff actually went out of their way to spread it in a sort of "Lets all suffer together" thing.

    Another game which has tested how we'd react in a zombie scenario is the premise of the text game Urban Dead. That game was about Zombie survival in a large city and what was generally found was that players all united together inside common buildings assumed to be safe, e.g. Police Stations, Mall, Army bases, Prison and players often without communicating pitched in to help one another and worked for everyone's benefit.

    So what have these two things told us about any potential Zombie outbreak?

    • Survivors will often try to flee to places they associate with some form of order
    • People with their own interests will generally still find a common ground to work with others
    • Some infected but not yet converted may try to carry out a "Misery loves company" act
  18. #568772013-06-01 04:26:48jkripper123 said:

    Weapons: first off I want to say that knives are the most impracticle weapon in a zombie apocalypse. If you stab a zombie, they won't feel it and you will be locked in an intimately close range with the zombie. A can of pickles is a better weapon than a knife vs. zombie. Blunt objects are the best way to go. Fill water balloons with lye (or really strong base substance) and beam a zombie with it, in a few minutes it will be a puddle of blood. You won't need too much supplies since it will pretty much be lying around amidst the chaos. Use a blunt object to break windows and or skulls of zombies/violent lunatics. By Hotd standards guns might not be so practical. Too loud. Baseball bat seems common enough on this thread and it is quite useful. Axe, hammer, sledgehammer sounds ideal but also quite heavy. If I list any knives they will be for utility only. Provisions: food can be found on any street and in most stores. If you live in a city or town than you surely won't starve. With this logic you don't really need to pack much food. Utilities: Swiss army knife, serrated knife (probably one on the SAK), secured medi-kit. If the zombiemorphose was caused by disease than someone in my family would probably experiment with a cure. Family full of scientists and doctors :O Clothing/armor: debatable between full body protection and low armor increased mobility. Don't wear metal I guess and put some kind of tape on the bottom of your shoes to muffle your steps

  19. #568992013-06-01 12:28:40Kid said:
    Weapon: A stick that will break when i use it

    Clothes: a ripped up Slutty outfit

    Utility: A flash light that will go out at the worst time it can
  20. #569052013-06-01 13:42:38hellstorm901 said:

    Despite the general belief I think guns I actually more useful than melee in a Zombie Apocalypse.

    Sure melee is silent but the offset is you need to get close and whether you have a baseball bat, sword or even a chainsaw it still comes down to a 50/50 chance you kill the zombie without it overpowering you. Lets face it the average person may not be able to swing a bat effectively or may not have the stature to use something like a knife or screwdriver without putting them in equal reach and on equal height to the Zombie and as such putting them at risk. Guns however have distance. Sure by society standards especially in Britain they're not the first choice. Give a gun to a group of ten random people probably only one will be able to get a decent marksmanship score and the rest may only get a low score and that's only considering your handguns and revolvers. It would become considerably worse with long rifles and shotguns. But at the end of the day guns are idiot proof. Anyone can figure one out, hell even my own mother whose never actually held a gun ever before in her life, at a military airshow when they had guns laid out to hold and examine, she managed to figure out a Browning Hi Power in no time at all and children nearby were quickly learning how L1A1's, L85A2's, AK-47's and even GPMG's worked.

    Which proves the point. Guns are idiot proof and thus your best choice in the zombie Apocalypse if your natural strength and agility puts you at an unfair disadvantage against a zombie not limited.

  21. #569082013-06-01 14:09:48Mau said:
    You give people too much credit.
    There is no such thing as "idiot proof".
    Idiocy transcends all logic, there are no limits to idiocy and its destructive capabilities man.
    Its very likely that 1 out of those 10 random chosen people will be an idiot and fuck up with that gun as well.
  22. #606332013-07-09 21:41:21Taro_Tanako said:

    I saw World War Z recently and it reminded me of this thread. But now I don't wanna spoiler that movie for ppl. They do some seriously dumb shit in it though..

  23. #606772013-07-10 20:15:26kaykiii said:

    Although a sword would definitely make you feel like a badass i think a blunt and sturdy weapon would be more useful, guns would be a last resort. Assuming the stuff i get would be from home then armor isnt really available until being able to loot some police station or someshit so dress light and avoid the stuff that zombies could grab onto. For utilities, food is a must and probably a utility knife.