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How To Survive Zompocalypse?

  1. #635352013-09-11 23:42:58 *Rune said:

    If there's anything I learned from The Last of Us is that bullets will be ultra rare and knives/blades except for the switchblade variant will be either rusty or dull.


    So, the best weapon? This:


    And also bricks. Bricks are very useful to either bash someone's head in or as a distraction tool as demonstrated here:

    And the best thing about them is that they never run out and could be mass-produced rather easily. Guns and blades might work for the first few years but without proper care, they'll be only as useful as a blunt object. It'd be better to gather other better blunt objects like baseball bats, lead pipe, etc.



    As for protective clothing, anything thick enough to prevent zombie bites would be enough so leather works. But just as weapons decay, clothes decay too and sooner or later you'll have to learn to make your own clothing. Learning how to sew or scavenge is a must.

    In any case, try to wear anything flexible. A suit of armor might protect you from bites but it'd be better to wear something that allows you to run and fight. An army fatigue is a good option as well because you'll also have lots and lots of pockets to carry stuff.


    Torches are pretty useful but they also run out and so they might not be good for lighting. Not only that but they might also attract hordes of zombies towards you and you don't want that!

    The best source of lighting, LED lights!

    LED flashlights in particular, only require little maintenance and will probably last forever. Not only that but making LED lights is pretty easy as well so if you happen to need one you can craft one rather easily.

    The problem next would be power source but you can make your own battery


    Food source will be ultra scarce during a zombie apocalypse but for the first few years, stocking up these foods would be good enough.

    Sooner or later though, you'll have to decide whether to hunt/scavenge or plant. It'll be like the dawn of civilization all over again and you'll decide which side you'll take. Either way, hunters/scavengers don't always have a steady food supply but turning to agriculture also means everyone will try to rob you.

    End Notes

    Survival aside, I think the most important thing to think about when the apocalypse happens is why are you even surviving in the first place? If you are only there just because, then you might be better off offing yourself. Bottom line is, you need a purpose on why you are even surviving!

    Refer to The Last of Us ending for reference: CAUTION!! SPOILERS!!

    Helpful links:



  2. #635472013-09-12 07:56:43Taro_Tanako said:

    Surviving the initial outbreak/shit hitting fan is probably the biggest problem as i see it. You live in a city? You're probably a goner..

    What's a good first move? Say you're at school/work when you find out.

  3. #647112013-10-18 21:20:31swainey01 said:

    I think he's on to something but i mean the past comment mentioned guns and then another light outfit...yes that's all and good but if you want to really think about it you must think what zombie rising it'd be, such as a resident evil one then guns are perfect but if say its a Left four dead...... with them hating the noise, meaning they'll eat you when they here it leaves it to again a 50/50 chance, and lets be honest, we're not gonna have plenty of ammo as well as see it coming..^^, nice thread dude

  4. #647122013-10-18 21:24:51Taro_Tanako said:

    @Rune i totally heard this somewhere and was gonna post it but forgot to..meh

    After playing The Last of Us i went thro a brief period of wanting to be just like Joel..that dude is a freakin god of survival!

  5. #647352013-10-19 20:49:12Cenica said:

    The point of it is that you shouldn't need to go outside and you could probably run over zombies with it. Also you can use it as a boat as it should float on water.

  6. #647332013-10-19 18:13:19hellstorm901 said:
    Here's some thoughts on a variety of things.


    Shopping center - Arguably the best place to make your job easy in holding out. Shopping centers have a shop for just about everything and even with a hundred or some people camping out generally a shopping centers stockpiles will last a good while. Shopping centers are also designed to keep people out after closing hours so the defenses are mostly already in place (CCTV, Perimeter fencing, Security Doors, Fire alarms on doors etc.)

    Police Stations - This really depends on the country you live in and whether your Police are routinely armed or stockpile arms for specialists. In the UK most Police stations have an armory which makes it one of the few places to get a gun, better yet, the acting Sergeant also has files on everyone in the county who has a legally registered firearm thus you know whose homes to go to for ammo surplus. In the US this is a no brainer. Your Police stations house SWAT, SWAT have assault weapons. You'll need them.

    Hospitals - Hospitals are designed to go off the grid meaning when all power is shutting down the Hospitals will stay up for a good while, Hospitals are a good source of medical supplies you'll need in order to survive in a Zombie apocalypse. You won't realise how much you need Anti - Bacterial drugs or Painkillers until you suffer a none Zombie related illness/injury.

    Apartment complexes - High rise buildings in general are good as they offer vantage points over the local area. On top of this apartments are usually constructed in such a way they have choke points making defense easy. If all the zombies are gathering on one stair way blocking it off or knocking the zombies down will keep you safe. Those who hold the high ground in a melee fight usually win.

    Rural areas - The countryside is one of the safest places you can be. The lack of density means that the average zombie per kilometer square will be minimal. You could with a few people actually clear a whole village of zombies and then you not only have shelter but also a settlement under Human control. The rural area also means that you will be found more likely by overhead military personnel than if you were in a deep urban center. The rural area also has water sources which are invaluable as the collapse of infrastructure will mean water sources in urban centers will be shut sown. Same goes for food. You can grow in safely and in bulk in the countryside.

    Military bases/Installations - This is exactly where you want to be, but a reality often faced is this is exactly where the military don't want you to be. Good luck getting on a military base before the apocalypse much less when every person could potentially be a zombie infectee. If you can get on a military base then you're set. Soldiers, Tanks, Gunships, warehouses, the military has it all.


    The Military Question

    Zombie Apocalyse media has often portrayed the Military in a number of different ways from sheer incompetence to fighting Zombies (World War Z Battle of Yonkers) to effective at Zombie suppression (Shaun of the Dead/High School of the Dead) to being evil that they'll kill survivors simply because they can or to be safe (Just about every other portrayal that doesn't fall under previous)
    So what is the answer? Will your Army restore order in a day, collapse under the assault and be destroyed or actively hunt you down and try to kill you?

    Well the answer is actually, you're Army will restore order, pretty quickly to be honest. The military isn't trained to fight Zombies, no, but they are trained to shoot weapons and operate high advanced weapons that laugh off claw attack. The Army will quite quickly realise the ineffectiveness of Shock and Awe and advanced Anti - Armor weapons and instead swap out to more conventional arms. High School of the Dead showed the military using Gunships to sweep areas before Airborne Cavalry landed and killed stragglers while World War Z/Shaun of the Dead has soldiers using Rank and File to wipe out zombies street after street, mile after mile. The military would restore order so your "survival" is really a matter of holding out until they arrive and doing as much as possible to attract the military to you for rescue. This would likely be in less than 7 Days in the UK as the Military cannot deploy to civilian streets unless it is declared the Police cannot hold order, In the US this will be less time as you already have Martial Law and the National Guard.
  7. #713452014-03-16 05:08:49 *johan_5179 said:

    @mizlily Unless you have a perfectly sized armor lying around {do you (OoO)/ }, Good Luck running for extended periods or climbing things in that :) Or carrying stuff like food and more weapons :D Or getting up if you happen to fall in the mud :3

  8. #713612014-03-16 09:11:13Taro_Tanako said:

    It was not uncommon for knights to be pushed over or lose their footing on muddy ground and be unable to get up if swamped. Also, some of them even drowned in mud if face first. Personally, I wouldn't like being in armour with zombies clawing at me. Sure you'd be protected but would they get bored and go away? Nope.

  9. #714022014-03-17 05:57:57Rinneko said:

    Weapons? I'd bring a metal baseball bat, and a gun. I'm unlikely to effectively wield a heavy axe so I'd settle for a baseball bat. Despite the common belief that a gun will attract attention due the noise, I'd still bring one for long distance purposes. If I was trying to survive a zompocalypse, I wouldn't want to be near a zombie.

    For clothes, I'd wear any sturdy jacket and boots. For utilities, besides the obvious backpack, I'd pack food, water, flashlight and a Swiss Army knife.

    A vehicle will be necessary as well, because my main priority would be to run away.

  10. #719862014-03-25 15:48:32UmiYuki said:

    Kinda sad me and some of my friends have already thought out a plan for this...

    If you are inside a building/room, quickly find a place that is safe, even if you are locking your self in a room. Most of the time you see people running around with their heads cut off.. Or you know bit off, this will at least allow you to gather your self and find something around you for a weapon.

    Next I would find a weapon, personally for me it would be something light and easy to swing, nothing that will take like five seconds to pick up and then another ten to hit with. Sure heavy is good since you have to crush their skulls but the speed is a problem, you need to be able to pick it up quickly and attack again if you are on your own.

    After finding a weapon, a being very silent while doing so, since if a zombie is simply relaying on the most primal instinct which is eating then they'll most likely act as a predator and react to sound. Anyway after finding a weapon I would try to remember whats around me, a store, something with supplies that is easy to get in and out of without causing to much of a scene. However, in my current position I would have to move away very quickly from some of the stores, theres a huge mall right there! So right now it would be the schools cafe', the hospital like right next door or the one on the fifth floor.

    Honestly I wouldn't worry to much about clothing but something like light leather thats thick if that makes sense. Shoes would probably be simple sneakers and I would cut my hair pretty short so it wouldn't get in the way and be quick to clean if I get a break somewhere. But for a get away Vehicle... Im kinda for a sport bike since they're small and it would be a lot easier to get through the many trashed vehicles that are mostly likely on the road but then I think about what happens if I hit something so a car would work to maybe outside of the city.

    After getting out of the city I would find somewhere thats locked down, maybe a small city far from the major ones that I can easily move through, killing the zombies I would need to without having at least a hundred after my ass. But really I would keep moving, resting for a few hours in-between the moves and that is how I would live through a Zombie apocalypse!

  11. #729772014-04-11 15:22:17Mau said:

    This quiz is awful, not to mention the majority of the questions really have nothing to do with survival, what does what I like to eat, what's my favorite color, and what I do on my weekends have to do with my survival? Sheesh.

    On another note, it said I'd survive a year.

  12. #722562014-03-31 01:01:37 *NidTheBard said:

    According to that quiz I'd survive all the way, not that I feel like it was 100% accurate anyways. But, my survival plan would be hide somewhere completely away from society, noise, and anywhere most unlikely that a horde would ever manage to wonder over near to, bring a huge supply of food and water, a variety of Melee weapons (A katana being my preference), Max Brooks Zombie Survival Guide (because it is actually pretty smart and accurate), a radio only used to listen for a rescue team, and a Laptop full of Media I haven't watched yet, like movies, Tv Shows, and Internet Videos.

    Oh, and if someone can have Optimus Prime, I want the TARDIS and knowledge on how to fly it, because I can just skip forward and see if anyone survives or at least go somewhere off Earth where the Zombies won't be able to get to me and live happily while watching all the Media I have yet to consume.

  13. #729922014-04-12 04:03:58gawd_daym said:

    If the world goes to hell with a zombie apocalypse, I have some stuff planned out.

    Weapons: Baseball bat, sword, shuriken, overall fun things. Food: Strong painkillers, steroids. Tools: Machine that kills me before I get eaten off by the horde.

    Time to beat the crap out of some zombie twats.

    I will probably not make an effort to survive. If this happens, the world will go to crap. If we somehow survive, the planet would never be the same again. More suicides, more death, more stupidity. If I'm going to die, I might as well have some fun. :D

  14. #731752014-04-14 10:06:53ShioriAyama said:

    I would get any weapon I can, mostly likely a bow 'n' arrow and a sword. But if I can't find them I would have a cannon strapped to a backpack and a shotgun. Kill Zombies as I go. Collect lots of Supplies. Find an abandoned Cabin in a forest and hide there for as long as possible. But if they found me I would run away find a human resistance and live through the zombie apocalypse. Maybe even invent a cure.

    But knowing me I would probably die at the start from something stupid like a Cramp.