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Parent: How To Survive Zompocalypse?

  1. #566912013-05-30 14:58:50 *Cenica said:

    Weapons: Baseball bat. (For some reason my mom has a baseball bat hung up in the barn. :D) Really at my house there's not a shortage...: shovel, pitchfork, giant chisel thing, saw, metal rake...etc. My older brother has a rifle. There are plenty of knives in the kitchen. But I think I'd prefer the baseball bat. Seems the most fun.

    Clothing: Carhart Jacket: warm and protective. (It's a farmer thing I guess.) Blue jeans and my leather Ariat laceup boots. Also leather gloves wouldn't be a bad thing.

    Utility: Does a backpack count? Because who wants to carry any of this stuff with their hands? Tarp, rope, matches... Flashlight would be nice as long as the batteries lasted. If I can only pick two. I'd pick the backpack and the tarp I can scavenge for other stuff later and keep it in the back pack and use the tarp to make temporary shelter. (i.e. covering it with leaves and sleeping under it or such.) http://lolimage.com/img/ups/64898852131332498073.jpeg

  2. #566982013-05-30 16:18:22Taro_Tanako said:

    @Cenica Sometimes I think a zombie situation might be far better for my life than trying to live it normally. Ho hum..I guess we're all a bit adrenaline crazed weirdos who'd be better off in some crazy ass lord of the flies setting!

  3. #567002013-05-30 16:25:36 *Cloud-VK said:

    Probably true about that. @Taro_Tanako

    but It’s hard to tell till we find ourselves in a similar situation. Although I’m not big on pork or Simon, so in that situation I’d just eat a coconut.