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Parent: How To Survive Zompocalypse?

  1. #566962013-05-30 16:13:26 *Cloud-VK said:
    1. Don’t panic

    2. Establish a base camp and establish these things: perimeters, security, entrances, exits, vantage points, resources, possible transport, fuel supply, communication, time, and nearest supply sources. Also I would set traps tons of traps. Practical pitfalls, foot catchers, snares, spiked log swings, planks, self shooter based traps, and what the hell a moat too. Correctly placed as well, there’s no point in setting up a trap that won’t hit anything.

    3. Arm self from head to toe, I wouldn’t use anything excessively heavy, and I would range my close quarter weapons in length. Pitch fork, shovel, scythe, ax, pick, maul, bat, crow bar, 3” wrench, sword, machete, hatchet, mallet, ball point hammers, 8” knifes. However that’s only as far as non fire arm weapons go. Fire arms carry at least one pump action shotgun, long ranged rifle automatic or bolt action preferably, minimum of two pistols but no revolvers unless said revolver is shotgun shell based or multi functional. Guns run out of ammo though and in a pinch reloading may just get you killed, so I put more stress on the hand to hand and fire arms for a use at a safe distance.

    4. I say light weight like a tank top, cargo pants, and boots, because I think that would be essential in something like this.