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Parent: How To Survive Zompocalypse?

  1. #567032013-05-30 17:16:55 *Mau said:
    1.) Don't be dumb enough to use HoTD as reference, trust no shit where breasts refuse to follow the laws of gravity.

    2.) Use a sword and you're royally fucked. Keep distance, do not fight unless you have to, this is not about being a hero, its about saving your neck. Who the fuck do you think you are? Swords are needlessly heavy, and sharpening them is a dick and a half.
    So stick with a bat, nail bat if you've got the time, a gun is optional.

    3.) Don't weigh yourself down are you high? Keep it light and simple, take only what you need, nothing that you don't. Rations, a jacket, tools, not a god damn armory.

    4.) Shoot yourself in the head.

    5.) Realize the truth

    6.) Wake up in your own room, realizing this was all a bad dream

    7.) Burn every single copy of zombie media in your home.

    8.) Get killed by a Licker.