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  1. Real Ghost Stories!

    #567192013-05-30 19:35:29 *Dec said:

    repost in fvie secnods or els u die


    do it fkuckser

    [`s tolen from tumblr an u will die}

    tell me your scary ghost stories.

  2. #567202013-05-30 19:36:43 *hellstorm901 said:

    GAH MY SOUL....

    Wait I don't have one.

    Once upon a time there was a dangerously dark place where evil things happened called the Land of England.... The end.

  3. #567282013-05-30 19:56:48hellstorm901 said:

    http://mysteryoftheinquity.files.wordpress.com/2011/02/hellfire-caves-suki-white-lady.jpg The tale of Sukie, the White Lady: Sukie (short for Susan) was a 16 year old maid at the local George and Dragon Inn in the late 18th or early 19th century. She was apparently by far the most appealing of the serving staff, and many local men vied for the girl's affections. But Sukie had ambitions to marry into society, and rejected the advances of all her local admirers. She began dating a local aristocrat, and one day she got a message, apparently from her lover, asking her to meet him in the caves one night wearing her best white dress as a wedding gown. She arrived in candlelight and in her white dress, but it was a hoax by three village boys. She threw stones in fury at her laughing tormentors, but when one of the boys threw one back, she was knocked unconscious. Shocked at what they had done, the boys carried her back to her bed in the inn, but she died during the night. The caves and inn are reputed to be haunted by her ghost, and many staff and visitors have reported sighting a girl in a wedding dress wandering the passageways.

  4. #567392013-05-30 21:03:04DeathByBiscuit said:

    Okay so, this shit happened to me and a couple of friends of mine way back, we were like 7 or something. So on the town where I live there's this rundown farm, some old fart lived there, he was actually a friend of grandpa, but that's irrelevant, what is relevant is what me and my friends did, we decided to jump over the big stone fence and check that shit out. Thinking back we should have probably done it during the day time and not when the sun started to set but stupid kids do stupid things and boy were we stupid. The first major challenge that stop or at least slowed down our grand adventure was a bee hive, right in the middle of the trail leading to front entrance of the big honestly scary house, I remember I was wearing shorts and those bees just loved my beautiful shota legs, I mustered up all the courage in my young heart and jumped over the bee hive with the bees flying around it menacingly, some of the more aggressive ones actually flew in closer to my legs, I didn't get stung or anything, I just felt like sharing my youthful badassery.

    After all that we actually got in the house, the damn thing felt like it could collapse at any minute, and there were clear signs of people, there were a bunch of mattresses and blankets some pans were also lying around.

    It was completely silent, there was a road near the house so you'd expect to at least hear the cars drive by, but there was not a sound, specks of dust and dirt could be seen, it seemed like every move we made kicked up dust, the wood floor creaked with every step. It was cold, and that was creepy it was the middle of the summer and just a day ago we'd walk around town shirtless. We figured it was better to just leave, at this point we were upstairs and had pretty much checked all of the house, the ground floor had a kitchen, a bathroom, a storage room and a living room, the second floor just had 3 rooms which, at the time at least, seemed to be used for sleeping and other nightly activities.

    So we walked back to the stairs, till one of my pals saw something that was out of place, it was a door, we had passed through that corridor already and none of us saw that door, when we came up the stairs we had two ways to go, left and right, we went right we went in two rooms, we walked back and went the other way and at the end of corridor there was a door, another rooms with a mattress and that was all. There was no door when we passed that corridor. Of course we started to freak out but we tried to rationalize it, I mean, it makes sense that there are four rooms, two on each side, it would be weird otherwise...right? Yes right, there was absolutely nothing weird about it, I mean we just missed the first time we passed here, that's all, it's getting dark and everything it's only normal to miss it...

    That was what we settled upon, we missed that door and seeing as we'd been into every other room we need to go in this one too, after all we just missed it the first time. So after some scared and awkward giggles we entered the room, the wooden door offered some resistance and made some terrible noises and cracking sounds but we slowly opened it, inside there was a desk and chair, a bookshelf completely devoid of books, it was an old office, nothing particularly interesting, it was dusty and smelled awful but other than that a completely normal office. There was something that I noticed, on the floor next to the door on the corridor, there was an old broken lock, at the time I didn't think much of it, hell I only noticed it because I happened to look down at the right place.

    So we left the room, a lot more relieved, that ended our little tour. A slow but loud creaking noise made everything go quiet, I was sweating at this point cold cold sweats, when the insufferably long noise ended a voice roared from the last room at the end of the corridor, "Who's in my office?!" it shouted. My mind went blank and I just ran not looking back, I ran as fast as I could, the wood floor made loud footstep noises as we ran and screamed, whatever was behind us was still yelling about that office, we just flew down the stairs and out the door.

    I don't know what happened but I feel like it fits in this thread so there.

  5. #567952013-05-31 12:27:47Ecstasy said:

    You can hear footsteps in @Trisak's house sometimes in winter's nights. You can hear them here and there echoing back and away and then back again... Creepy as hell, woke me up in the night :c True story.

  6. #568402013-05-31 21:29:35 *megumi-tan said:

    Not long ago I made this post on my tumblr but it would fit here too.

    So there is a strange thing that happens on brown mountain that can be seen from wise mans view. Usually around oct- through dec, strange orbs or streams of light can be seen moving through the trees or above. They come in many colors like yellow, orange, and red. I have been up here a few times, and its a bit hard to do so. You have to walk up the mountain for about 1 1/2 miles in the dark, and then camp out on the edge of the mountain until around 3 or 4 in the morning, hoping you see something. No one really knows what they are. This is a big part in the folklore around this area, and there are many stories I have heard about it, and there was even a song about this place that I was taught in school. If you are ever in the mountains of NC during the winter and you have some time to spare, you should come and check this place out.





    Videos and pictures do not do it justice, but I put some anyways.(and a bit a music)

  7. #568422013-05-31 22:19:12PigBoss said:

    Be assistant manager at a local inn

    Sort of in the countryside

    Very late 1800s to early 1900s look to the building

    Be working third shift for the first time, something an assistant manager wouldn't usually do

    Checking the empty rooms

    Cleaning up a bit, walking around, typical late night busy work

    Come across a bunch of popcorn on the floor

    Have to get a broom and dustpan

    The nearest supply closet was in the basement


    Go downstairs

    Basement is really sketchy

    Completely unfinished, junk everywhere, open ceiling with exposed wires and pipes, etc

    Several brooms and janitorial things lying against the wall next to the stairs

    Look over at random-ass fire place as I turn back around

    There's a pair of LEGS in the fireplace standing there


    Run upstairs without supplies

    Time will clean the mess up


  8. #570582013-06-03 17:15:32AlphaHikari_1A14 said:

    I was in Puerto Rico on vacation when this happened to me. That whole week had started off bad for me. The night before my family left home, I had a nightmare. It was something about the plane we were taking having a horrible accident. I didn't tell my parents about it because I didn't want to seem like a wimp; it wasn't the first time I flew on a plane anyway.

    We take the flight and everything goes as planned. It lands, everyone is safe, pick up the rental car, and do some vacation stuff while driving to the hotel. Daytime was no problem for me because nothing happened. My problems started at night. I had nightmares every night of that week. They weren't normal ones either because whatever happened to me in the dreams, I felt when I woke up. I felt pain, fatigue, and depression. All from nightmares that made no sense.

    In the middle of the week long stay, I saw something I've never seen before in my life. At this moment, I'm still not even sure I saw it. It was maybe Wednesday or Thursday night when I woke up for no reason. The room was pitch black, my parents and nephew were asleep and my sister and brother-in-law were probably asleep next door as well. I laid there and had the bright idea to look towards the foot of my bed. Five feet from my bed was this black mass. It was blacker than the room, and human shaped. I couldn't tell if it was male or female because the thing was covered completely by a robe. It sorta looked like a monk's robe to me.

    It was just standing there staring at me but when I looked at it, the thing turned and walked into the closet to the left side of the room. It went in and just disappeared. I laid there and looked at the closet for a few more seconds before turning so it was behind me, and going back to sleep. I didn't freak out about the incident until that morning.

    Months later, I was home alone because my parents had went for their daily walk. My dad was having health problems recently and claimed that something had caused him to fall in the bathroom. I just thought it was his imagination. But that was days ago and nothing had happened since, so I felt that it was safe to be home by myself. Every door was locked and all windows were closed. No one was getting in without me knowing. But, then there was this loud bang outside of my bedroom door. It came from the bathroom next to my room. My first thought was, "Fuck that. I'm not going out there to check. Whatever that was is going to have to break down my door to get me."

    My parents came home some time later. I had been locked in my room the whole time since I heard that noise and checked when they came in the house. Somehow the bathroom door had slammed into the wall and left a dent. How it managed to do that is still unknown to me. I go into the kitchen to talk to my parents and then there is another loud bang. It came from the bathroom again. My mother just asked me what I had done. I was standing in front of her the whole time; what could I have done?! Turns out, the cabinet in there had fallen over. The thing was screwed into the wall. It shouldn't have been able to do that.

    Since then, things have calmed down at home. Every once in a while I'll hear thumps and walking noises while I'm alone with the occasional louder noises, but I pay them no mind.

  9. #575242013-06-04 21:04:57Lillith said:

    I'm a ghost hunter so I go out searching for them. Well, I went to a famous road called Texas Rd. It is haunted and my uncle, brother, cousins and I all went and I recorded. We ended up catching an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena). Its lots of fun but can be a dangerous hobby if your not careful. Anyways, I caught a voice on tape that was male and none of my group that went. I still love to ghost hunt. I hope to investigate many more haunted places!

  10. #597472013-06-21 15:04:29hellstorm901 said:


    The only danger I can imagine coming from Ghost hunting is if you go to an abandoned building and find instead of Ghost a drugs factory or gang hideout.

    I really can't see how Ghost hunting is dangerous unless the danger is if your trespassing or if you're in a building condemned or declared unsafe.

  11. #597482013-06-21 16:12:48megumi-tan said:

    Before I moved a few years back there was this abandoned house in my neighborhood. I cant remember much about the house other than the fact it was 2 stories, old, and it had been owned by an older couple. I think the woman pasted away of natural causes and soon after the man did as well. There was gossip that the man killed his wife/ she hung herself but I doubt any of that was true. Me and some of my friends thought it would be fun to explore it, so we did one evening.

    To get in we went to the back door. You had to walk down some stairs to get to it and it was locked but had a doggie door. (I don't think they had any pets so why they had it I don't know) I was the smallest of the group therefore picked to crawl through the doggie door and the plan was to unlock the door so the others could get in. However it needed a key/ I don't know I couldn't get it to open so instead I opened a window that they could crawl in through, but bigger than the space I went in through. Keep in mind I was in the basement and this part of the house was underground so the window was level with the ground outside... if that makes any sense.

    Ok so we were finally all inside the basement. From this point on we went up some stairs to a door that led to the kitchen and thank God it wasn't locked. Connected to the kitchen was a hallway that went to the foyer, which had a set of stairs up to the second floor. To the right of the foyer was a living room and we started to go that way, when something caught our eye(s). In the foyer was a metal shadalier (idk how to spell it). When you looked right at it, it appeared as it was, but when it was in your peripheral vision, you could see what appeared to be a lady in a white night gown handing from it by a noose. I cant explain it but its like when you think you see something and then you look right at it and its not there... only we could see it if we were not looking straight at it. So by this point we were pretty weirded out and no one was protesting the idea of getting the fuck out.

    Another thing that was strange about the house was it was just like someone lived there. I guess it had been untouched after the owners died. It was a cute house though with a nice 1950's feel to it. Turning around and leaving the living room, we all stopped in our tracks by the stairs. Clearly we could all hear a loud ringing that sounded like a telephone. This was horrifying to us 5 10-13 year Olds in which a conversation when a bit like this. "Is that your phone?" "No.." "Well it must be this houses phone." "Who would call the phone of an old couple who has been dead for a year?" "How is it even working the house has no power!" After shitting our pants we concluded the ring was coming from up stairs. So up I went, followed by Elisa, Grace, Kevin, and the biggest pussy of us all, Sam. I'm sure we looked hilarious all squished together creeping up the stairs like our doom was awaiting us at the top. A hallway awaited us which had rooms. The phone was located in a master bed room. It was old and one of those phone where you spin the dial for the number, and it was plugged in. When I picked it up it stopped. I'm not sure why I bothered but I said "hello?" Into it and thankfully Got no response. We were all itching to get out of there, but first I wanted to look through some of the things in the bed room closet. Not many things were in it. A few things like a brown suit, penny loffers. And among those things some old dresses. And one thing that I was hoping to find, a long white dress that looked like a night gown.

    I have never run so fast in my life when I was getting out of that house. I told my mom, and she disregarded everything I told her and only said "You shouldn't mess with other peoples things."

  12. #597602013-06-21 20:43:43hellstorm901 said:

    There's no such thing as ghosts as much as we would very much like there to be.

    Ghost sightings are mistakes of the eye or trauma/desire.

    If your mind wants to see something then it will make it happen. It's kinda like when you see someone and mistake them for someone you know. Your mind makes you wish it was that person and you then think it is. Same thing applies to ghosts.

    Then when you factor in things like fear, sleep depravity and others it becomes easy for you to believe you see something.

    When I was a child and walking around alone I thought I saw a red eyes monster in a treeline. When I came back later no longer scared and looked closer I found it was a Tesco bag.

    The whole, "You're mind is playing tricks on you" isn't just a figure of speech. There's a very real meaning behind it.

  13. #597702013-06-22 03:29:33johan_5179 said:

    @hellstorm901 As much as i agree with what you are saying, this is a 'Share your ghost story' thread and not a 'Do you believe in ghosts?' thread. Your point is invalid in this context.